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I was in a trendy hotel in Sydney when I decided to indulge in some controversial and downright dirty behaviour. I was going to do something that you're really not supposed to. Something naughty.

I was going to test Sony's shiny new A9F OLED by plugging my Xbox One X into it.

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The OLED TVs on display in JB Hi-Fi and other electronic stores are usually turned to maximum brightness. While this is great for grabbing your attention, it's not an accurate representation of picture quality in the real world.

So what can you do about it? Here are some tricks of the trade for picking an OLED TV that will actually look great in your lounge room.

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Whenever I think 'OLED', I think $$$$$. Whenever I think Hisense, I think 'cost-effective'. So what might happen if those two things were to collide? We're about to find out, as Hisense Australia has announced a brand spanking new OLED TV for the AU Market, to land alongside its already available ULED 4K TV models.

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LG (currently) has the monopoly on OLED screens, and for good reason - the technology is notoriously expensive and difficult to engineer. But the results? Genuinely the closest you will get to a high-quality cinema experience in the home.

But after spending the night with LG's latest OLED range, I'd say it's even better.

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If you didn't catch Samsung's TV event and LG's press conference you might have missed it. The curved TV, once considered the whizzbang tech that would save televisions, is dead. Not quite in the ground, but no longer the darling of its makers. The curved TV is being quietly shuffled away from the limelight to make way for newer, and better, fads in televisions.


4K TVs are already here but the next frontier of televisual excellence -- OLED -- is far less established, mostly because the technology is so damn expensive. For reference, OLED is the silky screen that featured in the first generation on PS Vitas and the expectation is that it will surpass LED as the TV tech of the future. It's about to hit retail, but goddamn is it ever expensive.