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Yesterday at Sony's glitzy Paris Games Show presentation, a pastel, nonviolent game about being a human-dragon hybrid surprised viewers with its same-day announcement and release. Presenters' comparisons to the respected titles Abzu and Journey added to its branding as a chill, atmospheric game with a lot of style (and a little mystery). I am an optimistic person who loves atmospheric games, so when I got home after work yesterday, I shelled out $29.95 and downloaded Oure. I don't want to be ungenerous, but what I learned from my two hours with it is that two things can swiftly foil a game's "atmospheric" vibe: Item-collection mania and poor attention to detail.


Just like they did at E3, the folks at Sony showed off some new footage today from some of their PlayStation 4 games planned for 2018 and beyond, including God of War, Spider-Man and Detroit. Here are some of the more interesting trailers Sony showed during its conference at Paris Games Week today.