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Look at that orange hole in the wall! adBrickBuilder, who goes by Anthony Wilson on Flickr (where you can see other Lego creations), posted their latest project to Reddit. One commenter pointed out that this wasn't the "correct solve" solve for the puzzle at hand, but it looks sleek and rad nonetheless.


Today was one of those occasions that comes once, maybe twice (but definitely not thrice) in a lifetime. Gabe Newell arose from his Scrooge McDuck-esque lake of knives and cash to conduct an AMA. Spoiler: He likes Portal 2 more than Half-Life, and despite appearances to the contrary, Valve still makes games.


The impact of Portal across video games and wider pop culture was massive.

That struck me whilst watching this video. It's a fantastic, detailed look at the history of Portal's development and it features a lot of information I, personally, was not aware of.

Well worth a watch if you have a spare 15 minutes.