Pregnancy Puts Players Inside The Head Of A Teenage Rape Victim

The interactive short story Pregnancy, released today on Steam, begins with 14-year-old Lilla Sandor purchasing a pregnancy test. It’s a painful moment for the teen. She feels ashamed and awkward. At home, waiting for the test results, she recalls the horrific act that brought her to this point.

Boy Admits Raping Sister After He Watched Porn On Xbox

A 13-year-old in the UK admitted to raping his eight-year-old sister, telling police he had been watching porn through his Xbox 360’s browser when he “decided to try it out”. The gut-wrenching case adds fuel to the controversy there over whether and how access to online pornography should be controlled.

Three Possible Reasons For Including Rape In Far Cry 3

Three Possible Reasons For Including Rape In Far Cry 3

Here are a few things you can expect Far Cry 3 to include: shark-punching, pirate-killing, hang gliding and, oh, rape. For those playing, maybe that’s not surprising — as you go along, you suspect it’ll happen at any moment. Your friends have been captured, and two of these friends are…