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It's been an interesting week for League of Legends. On one hand, a handful of teams are gearing up for their final -- perhaps only -- shot at qualifying for the world championships through the International Wildcard qualifier. Amidst all that, the co-founder of Riot Games is having a public disagreement with one of the more prominent League of Legends teams over avenues for advertising, money and the overall health of the scene.

A co-founder of a company and the head of the scene's most recognisable teams butting heads is always going to attract attention. But things have escalated a notch this morning, with HTC weighing very publicly into the fray.


During Intel's keynote for Computex 2016, the chip manufacturer showcased a multiplayer VR experience called Raw Data. The game was playable at Intel's booth for the annual tech show, so naturally I had a go.

What I didn't expect to get was a nausea and queasiness that lasted for hours. What I expected even less was the fact that I enjoyed the game so much that I'd give it another go.