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The Last Jedi sent a message to the Star Wars fandom that, at least from the filmmakers’ perspective, the Skywalkers’ story was ready to come to a close. It was a bold pivot from the nostalgic direction The Force Awakens appeared to be taking the franchise in, and unsurprisingly, it left many hardcore fans of the original trilogy beside themselves with displeasure.


How do we put this delicately? Some of the decisions Rian Johnson made in Star Wars: The Last Jedi...rubbed people the wrong way. The handling of Luke Skywalker, Rey’s lineage, the fate of Snoke, all of these things instantly became lightning rods of debate and continue to be just that.

Some fans even hope the sequel changes those things. And if they do, Johnson is OK with it.


For many Star Wars fans, a moment almost as exciting as the actual film debut is when it gets a home release. That's when all the deleted scenes come out, adding colour and context to the story. In the case of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, there were a few moments left on the cutting room floor that seem pretty important (or at least interesting) in hindsight.