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Valorant’s New Agent, Killjoy, Has The Dome From The Simpsons

A small mishap on Riot Games’ part has resulted in Valorant‘s next hero being revealed. They’re called Killjoy, and they’re set to immediately become the most annoying character in the game — not least in part because their ultimate is basically the Dome from The Simpsons. Killjoy’s abilities popped up on…

valorant weapon skin

VALORANT Is Releasing $138 Weapon Skins

If you were ever wondering how exactly Riot intended to make bank on VALORANT, here’s your answer: skins that cost over $130. Riot Games announced the first cosmetic for their free-to-play shooter overnight, unveiling the first set of dragon-inspired weapons. It’s called Elderflame, and the guns, quite literally, look like…

Valorant Takes Aim At The King

Valorant Takes Aim At The King

I’ve been excited to play Riot’s Valorant for a long time, and not just for the sake of the game itself. I’m a long-term Counter-Strike player and, over the decades, have seen that series evolve as its potential competitors, for the most part, came and went. While other games’ viewing…