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This week, esports host Frankie Ward won “Presenter of the Year” at the UK Esports Awards, and she used her acceptance speech to make a pledge: "There is no room for homophobic or racist or misogynist language in the esports industry."

Her pledge follows on the heels of a week-long debate among esports stars and commentators about the word "faggot", sparked by former CS:GO pro Mohamad “m0E” Assad getting a temporary Twitch ban for using the slur.


Yesterday, Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins, the hottest streamer on Twitch, was streaming Fortnite with a buddy. The pair wanted to find a good song to vibe to during their battle royale hunt. Eventually, the two put on Logic's "44 More," and Blevins started ad libbing through the start of the song. That's when Blevins slipped the n-word in front of thousands of fans.