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It shouldn't be much of a surprise that Project Scorpio will be a major drawcard at this year's E3. And we'll no doubt hear more about the raw hardware, all the games it can play at 4K, and how nice HDR makes everything look. But there's one thing I badly want Microsoft to do with Project Scorpio, and it's a lesson they can learn from Sony.


Parappa the Rapper was one of the defining titles of the original PlayStation, not to mention one of the games that birthed the whole rhythm genre. With its unforgettable offbeat rap tracks, adorable paper-flat design, and innovative call-and-response gameplay, its left quite an impression lasting 20 years.


You may be playing Uncharted 4 on your PC one day. PlayStation Now, Sony's streaming service for PC and PlayStation 4, will start supporting PS4 games in the near future, the publisher has announced.