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Today is the 5th annual The Game Awards, hosted by Geoff Keighley, which acts as a kind of mini E3 at the end of the year. There are a bunch of world premiers and gaming news that comes out during this show - so lets delve into what happened this year.


Old Faithful. That's what I call my Vita, or at least that's what I would call it if I was the type of person who had nicknames for their video game consoles and, for whatever odd reason, felt compelled to utter them out loud. I'd call it that because no matter how long I go without playing it, the damn thing always seems to have some battery life in it. For years I've taken its relatively efficient sleep mode for granted, but in the twilight of the handheld's lifespan it's become my favourite feature.

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After one of the most jam-packed product release seasons ever, all the big phones are finally out. But which one is right for you? Between multiple releases from Apple, Samsung, and Google, Huawei's continued global push, and old names like Nokia and Palm popping up again, there's a seemingly an endless number of choices. And to make things even more daunting, with several phones pushing the $1500-mark, making a hasty purchase can quickly turn into an expensive mistake.


I just picked up one of those snazzy PlayStation 4 Slim Spider-Man bundles. It comes with the console, a controller, a copy of Spider-Man, USB, HDMI and power cables and a small piece of audio garbage no one needs.


I didn’t know how much I liked Felicia Hardy until she was missing from Turf Wars, the second chapter in Spider-Man’s The City Never Sleeps DLC, released today. The cat burglar’s duplicity and romantic chemistry with Peter Parker, the highlight of chapter one, are replaced in this latest outing by the sociopathic antics of old-school crime boss Hammerhead. He’s menacing but ultimately one-dimensional, leaving Turf Wars with no emotional center to help propel it to a satisfying conclusion.


One of the best aspects of Insomniac’s most recent Spider-Man game is the dozens of alternate costumes from Marvel’s Spider-Man comics that you can equip in order to gain special abilities and give Peter Parker a new look. You’ve got your Spider-Punk, and your vintage comics Spidey, but let’s be honest here. The most impressive of the game’s suits is the one at the top of this page.


Sony is skipping next year’s E3, ditching its traditional booth and press conference in a move that will have a significant negative impact on the video game industry’s annual trade show.


You’re heading to the store to get a PS4 right now, and need to know which games to get. (Keep your eyes on the road, please!) Or maybe you’re home, all set up, realising you want more stuff to play. We’re here to help.

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I was in a trendy hotel in Sydney when I decided to indulge in some controversial and downright dirty behaviour. I was going to do something that you're really not supposed to. Something naughty.

I was going to test Sony's shiny new A9F OLED by plugging my Xbox One X into it.


As publishers and platform holders push more towards cloud services, the prominence of subscription-based models take more prominence. Australians have access to a few already, and they're not bad deals. Xbox Game Pass is often better than buying a game outright, and EA's model is better value than it first appears.

But the most successful model amongst all the publishers belongs to Sony. Small problem: it's still not available in Australia.


With the PlayStation Classic’s release less than a month away, I went to PlayStation HQ this week for three hours of hands-on time with Sony’s nostalgic mini-console. It plays its selection of 32-bit classics like Final Fantasy VII and Resident Evil: Director’s Cut just fine, but the features of the device are pretty much the bare minimum.


Ever since I played the first demo of Lucky’s Tale, I’ve been convinced that third-person platform games are a surprisingly perfect fit for virtual reality.

It’s fun to play a platformer when you’re enveloped in the world itself. It’s more thrilling to make your character jump off a high cliff when you yourself can feel the height of the drop, even if it’s not “you” taking the plunge.