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Just before the Christmas rush, the makers of Until Dawn released Hidden Agenda, a choose-your-own-adventure cop show. It's an entertaining romp for the most part, involving a Saw-esque killer on the loose and a dirty police department.

But rather than simply trying to unmask the killer, there's also a competitive mode where players get tasks encouraging them to force certain outcomes as the narrative unfolds. It sounds neat in theory, but in practice it ruins the pacing of the game and spoils the fun.


Fresh off the back of the Click Frenzy deals, we have the big one: Black Friday. Need a console for cheap? A discount on a controller? Bargains on games? Never fear, we've got your back. Here's our list of the best tech and gaming deals you can get this Black Friday.


Just like they did at E3, the folks at Sony showed off some new footage today from some of their PlayStation 4 games planned for 2018 and beyond, including God of War, Spider-Man and Detroit. Here are some of the more interesting trailers Sony showed during its conference at Paris Games Week today.


Today, Sony showcased The Last of Us Part 2, the second installation of developer Naughty Dog's gritty survival horror game released in 2013, with a trailer that is very thrilling but almost made me hurl. Seriously - a woman in a noose props herself up on another woman who gets a hatchet buried in her head.