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Ravenfield fascinates me. The Battlefield-inspired large-scale FPS just launched on Steam and rocketed to the top of the sales charts. Its reviews are over 90 per cent positive. I've played it, however, and it's barely functional in some places. Why is it getting a free pass from the Steam quality control mafia?


My favourite moment in Dead Cells so far came right after I won my first boss fight. I gained the ability to make climbable vines sprout from certain surfaces, allowing me to access areas I hadn't previously been able to. Classic Metroidvania stuff, right? The twist: Dead Cells' levels, unlike those of a Castlevania or Metroid, aren't permanent. But my new ability was.


I've tried winning PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds matches with pacifism. I've tried hiding out, talking to other players, and (very unsuccessfully) blocking bullets with a frying pan. I never believed it was actually possible, though. Eventually death — aka the ever-encroaching blue fog of doom — claims us all.