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Arena was Frontier's standalone, player-versus-player version of Elite Dangerous. It's also part of the main game, but back in February 2016, the developer had a crack at releasing the competitive component as its own thing. Now, a year later, Frontier has yanked the title from both the Xbox Store and Steam, citing poor metrics and a desire to reduce its maintenance burden.


I have a lot of trouble saying the word "goodbye". Even when I know I'm probably never gonna see somebody again, I always say, "see you later." I just can't deal with the idea that this might be it. Forever is a long time. Leaving Lyndow, a game about the fine line between "later" and "farewell", hit me hard.


After years of saying they'd do it, Valve is finally getting rid of Steam Greenlight, Steam's user-driven service for admitting smaller games to the Steam store. They're replacing it with something called Steam Direct.