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While many game companies have been contracting in the past several years, Ubisoft exploded in size without many people noticing. In fact, it may soon employ more people than any other gaming company, if it does not already.


It's not often that I finish watching a discussion with an industry chief executive and think, "Wow, this person was remarkably frank and honest." In fact, it probably rarely happens. But one exception is the above "fireside chat" with Electronic Arts chief creative officer, Rich Hilleman, which was recorded at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business last September. In the video, Hilleman said things I don't think I often hear from a chief executive at a billion-dollar corporation


A publicly accessible "Samsung Confidential" presentation Alan Queen, a senior director at the company's Innovation Lab, gave at last October's Samsung Developers Conference offers a bit of insight into the electronic giant's home console plans. Several slides on Queen's presentation indicate Samsung's gaming ambitions are targeting a consumer group called "Console Sceptics", who are current console owners not necessarily interested in upgrading to the next-generation consoles.


In 2013, next-gen consoles -- previously the dominant fodder of the rumour mill -- were announced and released. Many next-gen rumours turned out to be true -- unpopular and confusing DRM policies were announced and reversed, launch titles were delayed, game resolutions differed. Yet these next-gen matters were not the only prominent rumours of the year.


PLUS MORE GAMING SECRETS AND RUMOURS: Possible information on the new Deus Ex game, including its protagonist, Namco Bandai's plans for the Western gaming world, something new from Rockstar...could it be GTA V DLC?


Editor's note: The mysterious figure known as Superannuation digs through the Internet to find secrets companies don't want to announce yet. All of what Superannuation finds is available to the public. Are these true gaming secrets? Or are they gaming red herrings planted to throw Superannuation off? Read on...


A number of recent job postings on Activision's career portal seem to give some insight into the next project from subsidiary studio FreeStyle Games, creators of the DJ Hero franchise. The studio is hiring for a designer to create "MIDI note maps for music-based video games", indicating that their next project will not stray much from their music game expertise.