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The people who actually get married at a wedding have so much to do - write the vows, master the cadence of the walk to the altar, personally greet everyone in attendance - that it leaves a minuscule amount of time to really take in the whole affair. One iconic fighting game competitor, however, felt it was important to also squeeze in a few rounds with some long-standing rivals after his nuptials were sealed.


The recent fighting game tournament Combo Breaker featured the obvious big games such as Street Fighter V and Injustice 2, but a less-heralded game had one of the event's best and most unconventional showings. Vampire Saviour, a 1997 fighting game featuring demons, zombies, and mummies, drew perhaps the greatest collection of North American competitors it's ever seen, setting the stage for an amazing grand finals match between characters thought to be two of the weakest on its roster.