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OG might have been favourites heading into Valve's Dota 2 Major hosted in Kiev, but they certainly didn't look it by game five of the grand finals. Arguably the more talented team, and certainly the more experienced, it wasn't until a fateful team fight in the 39th minute of the final match that the European squad re-discovered their inner champions.


It's been a pretty good month for Virtus.pro. The team got flown to Melbourne for a bit of extra cash at the Crown Invitational and they're one of the outside favourites to take the upcoming Dreamhack major for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

But the latest development is even bigger. It might, in fact, be one of the largest investments in a team to date with Alisher Usmanov's investment corporation, USM Holdings, injecting what could total over US$100 million into the organisation.


With numbers often comes power. That's at least the logic behind the creation of the latest union featuring several of Europe's most prominent and recognisable (but not all) professional gaming teams. But in a letter sent to eSports organisers, and since released to the public, the union has outlined some demands that seem a little detached from reality.