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For a few months now, a pub in The Rocks has been holding an open-air movie night every Monday. It's part of the service at The Argyle, a pub in a 1820s building with a tunnel and cobblestone pathway to match.

To celebrate this year's Vivid festivities, the Argyle decided to host a screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens to celebrate. And since I named a stray dog Yoda with the help of my brother when I was 2, I felt compelled to go along.


Sydney's Vivid festival immediately caught my eye in its inaugural year, mainly because I accidentally found myself right next to it. I was sitting in the Paragon Hotel for a Barcraft, of all things, when large flashing lights and images began appearing on the building opposite me.

Vivid has become a cornerstone of the City of Sydney's annual social calendar, and as of last year it even began incorporating gaming into its calendar. And as of today, we know that someone's looking to continue that trend this year.