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UK Study: Video Games Have No Negative Impact On Children

At the University of Glasgow, researchers studied the results of video games on over 11,000 children, some as young as five years old, to measure whether or not video games could affect their behaviour. The results are in: video games have no impact on the behaviour of children.

The masive sample size involved has convinced The University of Glasgow of the veracity of its research. 11,000 cases. That’s a pretty large number.

The findings were clear — whilst a statistically small connection between extensive TV watching and behavioural issues were found, there was absolutely no connection between video games and behavioural issues. Other findings were equally interesting: there were zero differences between boys and girls in the survey results.

At the beginning of the study researches did wonder whether or not video games would have a stronger impact on behavioural issues, as a result of their interactivity, particularly with regard to the constant reinforcement loops seen in most games, but the opposite seemed to be the case.

You can read the study in its entirety here.

Game Play Has No Negative Impact on Kids, UK Study Finds [Games And Learning]

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