2.2 Metre Batman 'Action Figure' Costs $11,000

Seven-Foot Batman 'Action Figure' Costs $US8000 ($11,088)

Hot Toys make some of the best 1/6 scale action figures on the planet. But with this new Batman figure (from the upcoming Batman v Superman movie), they have lost their goddamned minds.

Seven-Foot Batman 'Action Figure' Costs $US8000 ($11,088)

This isn’t 30cm tall. When it’s attached to its base (because Hot Toys figures always come with bases) it stands 2.2m. Take it off the base and it still towers over most of you, at 1.95m.

It’s not even a figure! They call it a figure, but the thing doesn’t move, it just stands there, glowering with its light-up eyes.

Those keen to have a 1:1 scale costumed Ben Affleck standing around in their house/office should know that it costs $US7999.99 ($11,088). And no, that’s not a typo.

Seven-Foot Batman 'Action Figure' Costs $US8000 ($11,088)

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