Morrowind-In-Skyrim Mod Status: Still Not Done, Still Very Pretty

Morrowind-in-Skyrim Mod Status: Still Not Done, Still Very Pretty

Dayshot: Skywind, part of the Elder Scrolls Renewal project, aims to recreate Morrowind in Skyrim’s engine. It has been in development since 2012 and probably won’t be ready for a while. To help cope with that fact, I look at the team’s progress videos as mere instances of 3D Morrowind fan art. So let’s look at some fan art!

So, what’s there to see? Landscapes, mostly, along with several new interior tilesets (think of them as building blocks for Skywind’s indoor areas). As expected, it all looks quite nice while preserving that Vvardenfell feel. Watch:

That’s good fan art.

You can catch up with all the videos the Skywind team’s released here. You can also volunteer to help the project, if you feel up for it.
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