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GX Australia Funded Overnight With Room To Spare

The last couple of days have been excellent for the organisers behind GX Australia, who will be able to proudly say they are running the country’s first LBGT gaming convention after their crowdfunding campaign ticked over their $50,000 goal with 24 hours remaining.

Kotaku's Static Podcast With Gizmodo & Lifehacker: Episode Two

Australian eSports, gendered toys, Star Wars: Battlefront, the best movie gadgets, tipping wait staff and artisanal salami made from celebrities. Yes, really.

Talk Amongst Yourselves

Welcome to Talk Amongst Yourselves, AKA ‘TAY’. Organise meet-ups, talk about games, talk about anything you want! Consider this the unofficial Kotaku Australia forum. Become a TAYbie today and join the best and friendliest community on the internet!

McDonald's Japan Is Releasing A 48-Piece McNugget Meal

In case you’re counting, and even if you’re not, this bucket of 48 nuggets clocks in at well over 8300 kilojoules. But who’s counting? Seriously, don’t count.

Extreme Minimal Living In Japan

Could you live like these Japanese minimalists? Then again, maybe you already do.

Dying Light Remembers A Boy Who Loved It

Briefly: Our colleagues at Kotaku UK have the moving story of how the creators of Dying Light memorialised a 17-year-old boy who loved their game. A really touching tribute.

Anchors In The Drift Misses Goal By Miles, But It's Coming Out Anyway

It was always going to be interesting to see how much attention a new crowdfunding/investment platform would gain, and how successful the proposed projects on that platform would be.

Anchors in the Drift is one of two projects on Fig, and its campaign came to a close recently. It missed its funding goal. By a lot. But fortunately for the developers and supporters of the project, the game’s still coming out.

Former Donkey Kong World Champ Tries To Sue Cartoon Network, Fails

King of Kong is one of the greatest movies on gaming that has ever been produced, but that’s partly thanks to the wonderful cartoon-esque villainy provided by Billy Mitchell, one of the stars.

Mitchell’s experienced a bit of cartoon drama of his own recently though, with the former Donkey Kong world record holder losing his lawsuit against the Cartoon Network.

Blizzard Jumps The Thanksgiving Gun, Starts Holiday Sales Early

I didn’t think this would come until later on in the weekend, but Blizzard has decided to jump the gun and start things early. I suppose it helps to get ahead of the Steam sales.

Anyway, Battle.net is busting out the bargains this morning. And some of them are actually fairly decent.

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