This Is What The Little Sisters In BioShock Started Out As

Briefly: Who would have guessed that this is what the Little Sisters inBioShock started out as? Eurogamer just published a thorough report on the origins of the seminal first person shooter that’s worth a close read.

Create Your Own Mortal Kombat Cosplay With This One Weird Trick

You may know the old trick to turn a t-shirt into a ninja mask, but throw in some pants and a lampshade, and you can have a pretty sweet Raiden costume.

Sonic The Hedgehog Dances His Way Into Your Nightmares

Warning: the video below contains people in Sonic character suits doing some really terrible twerking.

Trials Fusion: A Conversational Review

Trials Fusion has been out for a day now and both myself and FatShady — Trials super fan and brain behind University Of Trials — have spent a fair amount of time with the game. Instead of a traditional review, we thought we’d talk it out. This is our conversational review.

Sit Back And Relax With These Dark Souls Ambient Recordings

It sounds like a silly idea, but put on headphones and listen to a minute of giant axes gently swinging in Sen’s Fortress and tell me you don’t feel more relaxed. YouTube user eroticfishcake recorded a collection of ambient sounds in Dark Souls, along with some rather pretty shots of the areas the sounds are from.

The Daily SingTaku

Today’s SingTaku is an event. Long time Kotaku songbird Blaghman has been serenading Kotaku regulars for years with those golden tonsils of his. Today he makes his SingTaku debut.

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

My answer to this question may or may not surprise you! For the first time in just about months I’ll most likely spent my gaming time away from the Dark Souls universe. I’ll be playing, of course, Trials Fusion. What are you playing this weekend?

The Fastest Way To Take Off A T-Shirt

All those years. All those years spent crossing my arms and pulling from the bottom, or yanking the back of the collar over my head, wasted. Imagine how much more time I’d have right now to watch instructional YouTube videos if I’d seen this instructional YouTube video when I was but a lad?

Cheer Up Dude, Elder Scrolls Online Is Alright

Alessandro Baldasseroni is lead cinematic artist at Blur, which means he’s contributed to the amazing trailers for games like *deep breath* Mass Effect 2, Batman: Arkham Origins, Halo Wars, The Force Unleashed, Far Cry 3, The Elder Scrolls Online…

Artists, Even Game Developers, Are Weird. That's A Good Thing.

Video games have their rockstars. But they’re not the same kind of rockstars as the ones who strut around in dresses made of meat or go on talk shows to argue about their Twitter feuds. Compared to pop music or Hollywood, games often seem like they have a culture of celebrity that’s far more subtle. Nonexistent, even. But that’s only when games aren’t stirring up the passions of their most zealous players.