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Dragon Ball's Goku Looking Silly On A Segway Knock-Off

You might wonder why Goku is even on this thing. He’s Goku! It’s because Tokyo just got a scooter-themed Dragon Ball attraction. With a Segway-type thingy. Yeah.

Guy Builds Tiny Jurassic Park For His Tortoise

Video: The trademark main entrance, the visitor’s centre and a damaged fence from Jurassic Park, all built around a lucky Leopard tortoise called Louie by Oliver Turpin.

People Dressing Up And Killing Produce With Swords Is The Legacy Of Fruit Ninja

Video: I was never a big Fruit Ninja fan, but I love what the game has done to promote real-life fruit ninjaneering. Filmmaker Scott Winn’s follow-up to his 2012 viral hit adds an additional ninja and a flaming sword.

JB Hi-Fi's 'Games For Girls' Section Is Perfect

Because yeah, it’s basically just regular video games you’d recommend to anyone — male or female.

Watch One Of Dark Souls 3's Toughest Bosses Go Down In One Hit

This is cathartic.

I feel good watching this. This makes me feel good.

How Much Can Your Old Video Games Sell For?

Have you ever wondered how much the old games in your collection are worth? As it turns out, people are willing to pay a surprisingly high amount for titles that aren’t even that rare. This infographic looks at the highest prices 13 popular video games have managed to fetch online. Time to dust off those old PlayStation One classics…

Video Games And The Door Problem

“So what does a game designer do? Are you an artist? Do you design characters and write the story? Or no, wait, you’re a programmer?”

Indie Shooter Alien Wasteland Hit With Cease And Desist By Wasteland 2 Devs

Alien Wasteland is a rudimentary looking first-person-shooter made by a single person. It looks pretty darn different from Wasteland 2, the gritty strategy game from inXile Entertainment. Nonetheless, the developer behind Alien Wasteland was recently issued a cease and desist from the creators of Wasteland 2.

Dick Smith's Brand New Online Store Is Alive. It's ALIVE!

Dick Smith’s store presence is gone, wiped from the landscape of Australian brick and mortar retail.

But, from the ashes, its online store has arisen. One month ahead of schedule Kogan has announced that the new Dick Smith online store is ALIVE.

I mean live. The site is now live.

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