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Fallout Cosplay, Pin-Up Style

There are two ways you can cosplay as a Fallout vault survivor. One is how they appear in the actual game world. The other is how they’re depicted in the series’ pin-up posters.

History Is Basically A Real Life Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones is great. One of the reasons why it’s so great is its unpredictability. It subverts tropes, messes with your idea of heroes and villains and generally does a tremendous job of keeping its audience guessing.

Why is that? Probably because so much of it borrows from actual history. And history doesn’t follow a plotline, history does whatever the hell it likes.

Cosplay Meets Fashion In This Rapturous Bioshock Clothing Line

Living Dead Clothing has made Zelda fashionable, turned Sailor Moon costumes into everyday wear and put the fly into Firefly — and now it’s tackling the decaying art deco world of Bioshock. As with many of LDC’s collections, it’s half cosplay, half geeky fashion — and you’ll be sure to see these pieces around at every gaming convention this year.

This New AI Plays Space Invaders, And May Put Game Testers Out Of A Job

An artificial agent that combines machine learning techniques with “biologically inspired” mechanisms can learn how to play 49 classic arcade video games when given only minimal background information.

This discovery paves the way to building artificial intelligence systems that excel at learning a variety of challenging tasks from scratch, including QA testing.

Raid On Abandoned Ship Saves Over 50 Classic Arcade Games

Tony Temple has written one hell of a story about a “raid” on the The Duke of Lancaster, a beached and rotting former luxury liner in Wales that for over 30 years had hidden a treasure trove of classic arcade games inside its hold.

Deus Ex Is Doing Those Weird Videos Again

As video game marketing goes, that Deus Ex: Human Revolution live-action series was pretty bad ass.

Remember? It was about body modification. It was super well produced and just awesome in general.

Well, it looks like they’re doing it all over again for Deus Ex: Mankind Diverted.

Deals: Conquer The Skies With The SKEYE Nano Drone Over 30% Off

Perform death defying aerial stunts from the safety of the ground with the SKEYE Nano Drone. Kotaku Australia readers, for a limited time, can save up to 32% on the purchase of either the original SKEYE Nano Drone for $47 AUD [$34 USD] or the limited edition matte black version with built-in LED lights for $55 AUD [$39.99 USD].

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Thanks to a sick day this week — legit sick before anyone asks — I finally found time to blast through the final act of Uncharted 4. I enjoyed that video game a lot.

Now it’s time to finally finish Dark Souls 3.

When Windows 10 Updates Install In The Middle Of A Counter-Strike Livestream

Video: All Erik Flom wanted to do was stream Counter-Strike for nine hours. Microsoft had other ideas.

Aussie Band Writes Song About Hex From Good Game

When you’re on TV weird things happen. People watch, they identify with you, they feel like they know you but they really don’t.

Then every once in a while a goddamn band writes a song about you.

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