You Won't See The Pixels On This 3D-Printed FTL Spaceship

TheLobsterClaw shared a 3D-printed version of the starter spaceship from Faster Than Light, the Kestrel, made by a group of enthusiasts.

Drowning Simulator Is The Worst Game I Have Ever Played

I hate being in the ocean. Shallow beaches, I can handle, but the deep sea terrifies me more than spiders, snakes and birds who can talk put together. So a game where you do nothing but drown in open water is not my Game Of The Year candidate.

Artist's Impressions Of Two Legend Of Zelda Boss Fights

Artist Vincent Bisschop redrew two boss fights from The Legend of Zelda games in a really atmospheric way. Here’s Queen Gohma above, from Ocarina of Time, and Kalle Demos below from Wind Waker.

Nice Day, Shame We Gotta Work

Adam Duncan is a director at 12 Field, the animation studio behind the cinematics for the gorgeous Armello.

Welcome To The University Of Trials Fusion

Just picked up Trials Fusion for the first time? Struggling? This is where the University of Trials comes in, teaching the basics to folks new to the series how to master all those tricky skills required, particularly towards the end.

Metal Gear Solid Trailer Recut Will Give You Chills

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain‘s 12-minute-long trailer has inspired a lot of people lately. Here’s YouTuber José Mellinas and his edit: a trailer for the first Metal Gear Solid, in the style of the upcoming one.

Of *Course* RZA From The Wu-Tang Clan's Favourite Game Features Martial Arts

The Wu-Tang Clan have always been fans of video games, to the point where they were part of a fairly decent fighting game Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style on the original PlayStation. Unofficial group leader and producer RZA ran an Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit today and, in that thread, revealed his favourite video game of all time.

Listen To Child Of Light's Music Played By A Mini Orchestra And Swoon

Child of Light is a game I’m excited about. I’ve played roughly an hour of the game and I can’t wait to play more. Primarily I expect the game to be praised for its dazzling art, but secondary to that is its musical score. In the above video a small sextet orchestra plays the game’s gorgeous soundtrack and believe me: I am currently in the process of swooning.

Talk Amongst Yourselves

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Artistic Video Shows The Mellow Side Of Battlefield 4

Yes, even reverse explosions can be mellow. All you need is the right mood.