Team 17 Finally Made A Game That Isn't About Worms...

This one is about sheep. Sheep that solve puzzles and get brutalised in various ridiculously violent ways. I think I’m down with this.

Everything About Toy Story That Just Doesnt Add Up

Toy Story is a great movie. But like any great movie about toys that magically come to life when people aren’t around to see them, some things about it just don’t stand up to scrutiny. Be warned: you’re about to have your childhood ruined.

The Greatest Air Guitarist In The World. Apparently.

This is Nanami Nagura. She’s a very minor celebrity in Japan, but in the air guitar world, she’s a superstar.

Off Topic: Public Transport

I don’t know about you but I catch public transport every day. Sometimes this is an uninteresting, banal experience. Other times it’s the most frustrating experience in the known universe. Let’s talk about public transport. Let’s share our terrifying stories. Let’s talk about the people that annoy us.

Over 600 Game Creators Call For An End To "Hateful, Harassing Speech"

Stating that everyone “has the right to play games, criticise games and make games without getting harassed or threatened”, some of the biggest names in gaming have put their names to an open letter addressing the community conflict that’s been so prominent online over the past few weeks.

What Games Do You Play When You're Sick?

I’ve been sick for nearly two weeks. Bluh. But it’s made me notice something: the games I play while rotting on my deathbed are really different from my normal fare. Do you game while sick? If so, what do you play when your brain’s drowning in fever fog and mucus is leaking from a worrying number of orifices?

The Coolest Cosplay At PAX Prime, Day 3

This year’s PAX Prime is slowly coming to an end, but that’s no excuse to stop celebrating some of Seattle’s best cosplay.

Where The World's Best Fighting Game Characters Come From

Thanks to a tradition that goes back as far as Street Fighter II, fighting game stories are usually presented as world tournaments. It’s a convenient narrative device, as it allows the opportunity to display fighting styles from around the world to distinguish characters from one another. But which of these countries produces the best fighters?