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Solid Gold Monster Hunter Statue Costs $31,000

Capcom’s Monster Hunter series is turning 10, which means it’s time to celebrate… with a three million yen statue.

Wheels Down At The Biggest Little Pony Convention Of The Year

Today through Sunday Baltimore, Maryland plays host to the the largest My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan gathering in the world, and Kotaku is there, with a mobility scooter’s eye view of the festivities.

Springfield From The Simpsons, Rebuilt As A LEGO Town

The amazing official Simpsons house probably wasn’t enough for veteran builder Matt De Lanoy, so he took the entire town, Springfield and its key buildings, and put them into LEGO form.

Cinema Plays Wrong Movie To Guardians Of The Galaxy Crowd

You know how it goes. You settle in to catch the Summer’s big blockbuster (which by all accounts is excellent), the curtains part, the sound kicks in and…wait a minute, this isn’t Guardians of the Galaxy.

I Really Like The Final Fantasy XIII Series Now

I previously wrote that a 3-part short novella epilogue to the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy was being released. Now that I’ve had a chance to sit down and read them all through, I actually like the game series a whole lot more.

There's A Concert On Twitch, And The Comments Are Bonkers

Taking a little break from letting people play video games in front of other people, streaming site Twitch is tonight hosting a concert by Steve Aoki. The comments, as anyone who’s ever used Twitch can probably guess, are hilarious.

Making Anime Idyllic And Beautiful

Nizo Yamamoto made his name as a background artist and art director — a really, really great one. If you are familiar with his name (you should be!), you’ve probably seen films he’s worked on, such as the films he worked on while at Studio Ghibli, such as Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke, Grave of the Fireflies, Spirited Away and more.

Teleporting Is Terrifying, And I Will Never Do It

Manly is a new cartoon from brothers Jesse and Justin Moynihan, who also do some work on Adventure Time. Among many other freaky things, it features a chilling reminder of why I will never, ever use a teleporter.

Only The Power Of The Game Boy Can Slay This Ancient Evil

When the going gets tough, the tough bring chiptunes. Warning: Flashing lights ahead.