Look What The Creator Of Kingdom Hearts Has Done To Batman

This is what happens when Final Fantasy character designer and Kingdom Hearts boss Tetsuya Nomura gets his hands on the Caped Crusader.

Fine Art: War Is Hell (Except With Tiny Pigs)

Redsteam is a creative studio based in Shanghai that “maintains an essential role in the production of Gameloft games”. We’ve featured the work of some of their individual artists previously on Kotaku, but today we’re going to look at the studio’s recent output as a whole.

Students And Principal Battle Over Cosplay

As Kotaku first reported back in February, some Korean high school yearbook photos can get outrageous. This year, students at Uijeongbu High School had a showdown with their principal over graduation photos. A cosplay showdown.

Sony Agrees To Give Away Games, Money After 2011 PSN Hack

Remember back in 2011, when the PlayStation Network went down for almost a month? Well, after years of haggling in court, Sony has recently agreed to a settlement in the cases brought forward following the hack. One which, if the judge approves their offer, is going to cost Sony $15 million, and give a whole bunch of people free stuff.

When Science Looks Seriously At A...Star Wars Planet

Actual science writers don’t always have to write about real planets. Sometimes, when the fancy takes them, they can write about fake ones. Like, say, Tatooine, from the Star Wars universe.

Reminder: Kickstarter Still Has Cool Stuff

If you’ve been shying away from backing Kickstarters for the past few weeks, I don’t blame you. Between the half-a-million-dollar Yogventures fiasco and Areal‘s increasingly confusing saga, I’ve been hesitant to commit coins to my daily coffee without concrete proof I’ll get a finished product. That said, Kickstarter still regularly hosts great stuff. Case in point: Jenny LeClue‘s gorgeous coming-of-age mystery.

LEGO Green Lantern Gets His Own Set, (Almost) Escapes Batman's Shadow

I love LEGO’s DC Super Heroes line, but up until now it’s pretty much been the Batman and Superman show. Coming in January 2015, Green Lantern vs. Sinestro (76025) is Hal Jordan’s time to shine. Space Batman is just there to supervise.

Hey, Hohokum, Get In My PS4 Already

Still not quite sure how this is going to actually play. But whatever. It looks fantastic and sounds, courtesy of Ghostly’s ensemble soundtrack, even better.

Where To Buy Great Video Game Artwork

I have a rule for my house: no more than a third of the artwork on my walls is allowed to be gaming-related. This rule fell apart pretty quickly when it became clear just how much beautiful video game artwork there is out there. Once, all you could really get was posters designed for the walls of kids’ bedrooms; now there is a huge array of video game art that grown adults can frame and hang up without embarrassment (although I do still have a few framed posters around the place. Don’t tell anyone). I now have a constant rotation of game art going on. If I didn’t, my walls would be adorned by nothing else.

People Are Using Destiny To Play Duck, Duck, Goose

I found it hard not to smile when I heard just how excited these players are to recreate a grade-school classic inside this year’s next big shooter.