Pikachu Keeps Loners Company At Pokémon Cafe

For some folks, eating alone is awful. But not at the Tokyo Pokémon Cafe, where Pikachu will watch you eat.

It's Good That Fantastic Four Doesn't Look Like Marvel's Other Movies

Marvel Comics’ first modern superhero success has been made into some very bad movies. The one coming up this winter has the chance to be much better, mostly by looking nothing like the comics it came from.

Stud-Free LEGO Enterprise Is Much Larger Than It Seems

It’s one thing to build a model of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek with LEGO bricks. It’s another to build it so that none of those signature LEGO studs show. It took builder extrodinaire Chris Melby eight months and around 18,000 pieces to make this 1.52m-long masterpiece a reality.

Meet Twitch's Newest Star: A Piano Player

For most of this week, I was pretty sick. There was an upside, though: it gave me the opportunity to stumble across one of Kyle Landry’s piano marathons on Twitch. That night, he became one of the most viewed anythings on Twitch, nearly beating Counter-Strike, Hearthstone, and Dying Light.

Watch The Biggest Smash Bros. Tournament Of The Year Live, Right Here

Apex 2015 — the biggest Smash tournament ever — almost didn’t happen. But thanks to the community’s rallying, the tournament was able to quickly find a new venue for the competition. Which means that we can start enjoying some great top-level play!

Dating Show Contestant Dresses Up As A Cat To Find Mr Right

People are so superficial. That’s why one dating show contestant in China decided to hide her real appearance and dress up like a cat woman. As one does.

Lordran, The Setting Of Dark Souls, Almost Entirely Redrawn

From Firelink Shrine, where you first set foot in Lordran upon your arrival from the Asylum, to Blighttown and the Demon Ruins, it’s all there. Well, almost all there.

Law And Order: SVU Is Doing Another Episode That Touches On Video Games, T

Briefly: Law and Order: SVU is doing another ripped-from-the-headlines episode that touches on video games, this one focused on a female game developer determined to release her creation amidst a storm of online harassment.

Amazingly, Akame Ga Kill Managed To Win Me Over

When it reached its midpoint, I wasn’t exactly thrilled with Akame Ga Kill. However, by consistently bucking trends and subverting expectations, it won me over in the end.

The Nine Best Movie Shootouts

Bang! Bang! For years now, movie makers have been thrilling audiences with blazes of bullets. Some shootouts are better than others. These are the best.