The Shawshank Redemption Looks Cool As An Adventure Game

These graphics might have been a bit simple for 1994, but everything else makes sense in Cinefix’s video re-imagining of The Shawshank Redemption as a point-and-click game.

Nope, Still Not Enough Armour To Save You From Batman

Seth Nash is a character artist who has recently worked on games like Batman: Arkham Origins and Star Citizen.

Incredible Customised Iron Man Figures

Artist Sam Kwok takes various Iron Man figures, repaints them, sculpts on elements, and makes some truly spectacular custom pieces.

Damn, This Is Good Balloon Art

You might think balloon art is kind of, I dunno, cheesy. Or just for kids. Not this, though. This is some next level balloon twisting.

Tokyo's Newest Tourist Destination Promises A 'Crazy Experience'

When you visit Tokyo, there’s a list of places you must attend. Ganguro Cafe would very much like to be on that list.

Maybe Batman: The Ride Isn't Such A Good Idea

Look at that happy child, flanked by his happy parents. There is only one way The Memory Card Is Full‘s Batman: The Ride comic can end.

Hello World: A Few Reasons Why Mandatory Coding In School Is Worth Considering

Our Prime Minister recently deflected a question about teaching young kids basic programming skills with all the wit and diplomatic nuance that we’re used to. Not that he’ll be reading this, but here’s why it’s a great idea.

First Person Shooters Get A LEGO Overhaul

With all those Thomas the Tank Engine mods for popular games, it’s weird no one really went into LEGO territory yet. Andrewmfilms fills the gap with his awesomely animated clip featuring Portal 2, Counter-Strike, and Bioshock with minifigures.

Tell Us Dammit: Is There Any Game You Won't Buy For Non-Gaming Reasons?

This one goes beyond the normal, “My spouse hates how much time it takes”. For some, an actor’s verbal gaffe can put them off watching any movie or show they take part in. A company’s practices or policies could turn people off its products forever. It’s hard to be a good citizen in the digital world these days, but what do you avoid for non-gaming reasons?