How GameStop's 'Karissa The Destroyer' Smash Bros. Stunt Went Down

At a GameStop event in California earlier this month, a 10-year-old girl trashed pro-level opponents at a special Super Smash Bros. Wii U demo. Quickly proven fake, GameStop has explained how “Karissa the Destroyer” cleaned up.

The LEGO Detective's Office Has A Story To Tell

Situated on the second floor of a duplex on top of the local pool joint, the LEGO Detective Office would be perfect if not for the heinous crime going on under the blocky gumshoe’s very nose.

Activision Targets Call Of Duty Glitch Videos For Take Down

All glitches are not created equal. Some are game-breaking, but others can be kinda fun. Some can even be both. You’ve likely seen YouTubers racked by spasms of scream-laughter at them. Activision’s been taking down videos of certain glitches, much to the chagrin of some.

Today In Rad-looking Kickstarter Games: Buck & Miles

Video: Today in rad-looking Kickstarter games, here’s Buck & Miles, a project I’m mostly sharing because of that killer soundtrack, composed by Jake “virt” Kaufmann (Shovel Knight) and Eric “cboyardee” Shumaker (Barkley Shut Up And Jam Gaiden), among others. Trailer above; Kickstarter right here.

Fine Art: A Princess Mononoke Redesign I Could Get Behind

This incredible piece of fan art is the work of Tianhua Xu, a concept artist from Chinese studio ChiYan Workshop. It’s exactly what you’d want from a Mononoke redesign/movie, no? The same outfits and spirit, only more real.

Five Nights At Freddy's Disturbing Story, Explained By Fan Theories

If you’ve played Five Night’s At Freddy‘s (or the sequel), then you’ve probably heard all sorts of rumours and theories about the game. That’s because there’s way more going on in Five Nights at Freddy’s than the game lets on.

This Dragon Age Druffalo Must Go, His Planet Needs Him

In today’s Highlight Reel we have some insane first person action from the new versions of GTA V, a few funny moments from Far Cry 4, and some lucky shots that are hard to believe. Also, a flying druffalo from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Naruto Is Fun And Action-Filled, But It's Also Repetitive And Painfully Long

A few weeks ago, the long-running manga series Naruto ended at chapter 700. And as it has been one of the most popular mainstream manga and anime of the past decade, I decided to read it — all 10,000+ pages of it.

After 30 Years, Father Draws Another Beautifully Hard Maze

Previously, Kotaku introduced an incredibly difficult-looking maze that a father created over thirty years ago for his daughter. The drawing took the father seven years. Now, three decades later, he’s begun another one.

Wushu Is A Martial Arts Ballet Of Combat And Beauty

Look. At. That. Look at it! Choreographed martial arts doesn’t get much better than this.