Virtual Japanese Idol Gets Her Own Official Car

While Hatsune Miku has been used in awkward American Toyota ads, the virtual idol is getting her own Daihatsu car in Japan. Like, an official car.

Undressing This Hug Pillow Is No Final Fantasy

Musician Gackt is the closest we’ll get to a real-life Final Fantasy character. And this hug pillow might be the closest you get to Gackt.

Fine Art: Cheer Up, Wolverine, You're Famous

Dmitry Gaborak is a 3D character artist with over a decade’s experience in both film and video games. Most recently he’s worked on games like Evolve and Arkham Knight.

Professor X Sure Is A Wimp In X-Men: The Animated Series

Video: Screen Junkies has proof in its latest supercut that Xavier wasn’t really the best choice to lead a group of mutants, at least not in the classic X-Men animated series from the ’90s. What’s with the Patrick Stewart bits in the clip though? He’s the exact opposite of a wimp!

Hollywood's Hero Dudes Really Want Them To 'Let Her Go'

It’s one of the worst action movie clichés: bad guy captures female character and the hero yells at the villain to release the love interest/partner/sister. How much does it happen? Entirely too damn much.

Someone Made A VR Game Out Of A Night At The Roxbury

Ah the Roxbury Guys sketch! It’s one of most memorable sketches (and lesser movies) to come out of SNL in the mid-1990s. Now you can experience it in stunning virtual reality!

Dark Souls' Dodge Roll Would Get You Killed In Real Life

Think the dodge roll, a video game avoidance manoeuvre popularised by everything from Dark Souls to Legend of Zelda, is the height of armed combat, a stroke of tactical genius? This swordsman says you’re very, very wrong.

Forza Horizon 2 Takes Traffic Jams To A Whole New Level

Traffic is bad enough when there are cars all around you. It’s worse when they’re on top of you and you’re floating in a void. Also in today’s Highlight Reel, a new Mario Bros world record, Destiny meets Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and more!

People Are Claiming To Be Popular YouTubers To Get Free Games

When Wastelands Interactive head Leszek Lisowski found a Steam key he thought he’d given to a successful YouTuber on a resale site, he knew something was wrong.

Someone Used A Raspberry Pi To Build A 'SNES'

Well, obviously it’s not a real SNES, but it looks a lot like the US version of the Super Nintendo, and it plays just about every game you can imagine. Super Nintendo games, Mega Drive games, NES games, Atari games. It was created by Reddit user Angryspec as a little personal project and took six months to make.