Wrecked GTA Cab Turns Into Clown Car Of Infinite Drivers

On today’s Highlight Reel we have Battlefield head shots, Rocket League goals, dudes named Steve, clown cars, demonic dentistry and much more!

Let's Hope The Warcraft Movie Looks As Good As This Cosplay

That is, at least this good. Korean cosplay collective Spiral Cats is back with another dazzling costume.

Off Topic: Is This Season Of Game Of Thrones A Bit 'Boring'?

This is a question I saw posted on Facebook yesterday by one of my friends. Most people said yes. I totally disagree.

What It's Like To Crunch On A Video Game

It’s hard to understand what really goes into game development until you’ve heard the stories first-hand. For a long time now, we’ve been covering the cruel world of video game developer layoff cycles, but there’s another element of game development that has become a horrifying standard: crunch time.

Bruce Wayne Is No Longer Batman. Someone Else Is.

This isn’t the billionaire who saw his parents gunned down in front of him. Nope, it’s not Dick Grayson either.

The Final Project CARS Trailer Is Pure Car Porn

I feel like I’ve posted way too much footage of Project CARS, but bloody hell — it’s just so good to look at.

But this is the launch trailer for the game, and it’s being released this week, so soon you’ll be able to stop watching and start playing.

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Episode 4 Recap: Sons Of The Harpy

Last night’s episode of Game Of Thrones served up a teeming cauldron of fresh intrigue, plot twists and characters; all spiced with enough sex and violence to keep the most ardent HBO fan happy. In other words, it contained everything addicts of the show have come to crave – including a trademark shock death or two. (Noooo!) Read on for our full recap.

Warning: Spoilers within!

Talk Amongst Yourselves

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Today's Stream Beats Up Goku In Dragon Ball Xenoverse

But only because the game won’t let me kiss Goku. Damn these violent games getting in the way of my dreams.

Japanese Products That Sound Awful In English

Japan has come up with some truly fantastic English product names. “PlayStation”, for example, is terrific. Then, there are some product names that are bad. Wonderfully so.