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It's A National Tragedy: Toobs Have Been Discontinued

We regret to inform you that the Smith’s Snackfood Company has stopped making Toobs. The tangy tomato crisp — a favourite of Lifehacker — will no longer be sold due to a slump in sales. Worst Friday ever.

Watch The Insane Growth Of The Dota 2 International In This Documentary

It’s called Growing Giant, which is the perfect title when it comes to The International.

Japan's Red Cross Wants Nerd Blood

Donating blood is important. It can save lives! In an effort to get blood from healthy, younger members of society, the Japanese Red Cross has a not-so-secret weapon: Anime characters.

League Of Legends Is Like Cricket. NSW Dominates.

There won’t be any major League of Legends action at PAX Australia this year, since Riot and the community is a little focused on the group stages of the world championships. But when those wrap up at the end of the month, LoL’s collective attention will refocus to Melbourne’s Margaret Court Arena for the International Wild Card All-Stars tournament.

For the uninitiated, it’s a tournament featuring players from all over the world, drafted into region-specific teams by fans through polls. Australia’s team got announced today and, as it turns out, League of Legends in this country is just like cricket.

The Netflix Marvel TV Shows Just Had Their First Crossover. In A Comic Book.

So far, we’ve only seen Daredevil on Netflix, the first series out of the four-show deal that Marvel struck with the streaming platform. The Jessica Jones show comes out next month, but the streams of the two series are already intermingling in a fun way.

Catch Up On Australian Counter-Strike At Crown Casino Right Here

This weekend Crown Casino in Melbourne are hosting a $55,555 invitational. Australia’s best teams — which includes players who abandoned an international tournament being held in China to attend this event — and two big names from North America and Europe (Cloud9 and Virtus.Pro) are battling it out.

It’s being broadcast on FOX Sports 1 tomorrow night and next week, but that’s not all the coverage there is.

How Intelligence Works In Fallout 4

Bethesda’s old-timey educational videos for Fallout 4 have been pitch perfect. The latest focuses on ‘intelligence’, which I’m excited about because these kind of stats are the ones I tend to ignore!

More People Need To Use D-Walker In Metal Gear Solid V

And this video is the proof.

Stuntwoman Nearly Killed Making New Resident Evil Movie

Olivia Jackson, a professional stuntwoman who has recently worked on Mad Max and Force Awakens, was seriously injured last month on the set of the new Resident Evil movie, which is currently shooting in South Africa.

Legends Of Gaming Is WCG Ultimate Gamer All Over Again, And It's Just As Bad

Getting gamers together for a marathon across multiple games and genres is always a tempting idea and a cracking way to spend a weekend. Games are fun. Games are better as a social experience. Having a wide variety of genres makes that experience better. So it should make for a good TV show, right?

No. It doesn’t. That was the lesson provided by WCG Ultimate Gamer, a train-wreck that took video games, found one of the worst possible ways to broadcast them and then put the participants in increasingly ridiculous scenarios to make everything look even worse.

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