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Accusations of bad labour practices are upending the NBA 2K17 YouTube community this week. After freelance video editor Anthony (AKA "Prince Prodigy") alleged that popular 18-year-old gaming YouTuber LostNUnbound paid him a slim $US15 per video edit, other LostNUnbound contributors have come forward alleging they worked for similarly low rates, without proper credit, or for free.


TPG currently stands as the second largest internet service provider (ISP) in Australia and is a force to be reckoned with in the telecommunications industry. Its rapid growth is mainly attributed to strategic acquisitions it has made in recent years. One of those acquisitions was iiNet, an ISP that boasted high customer satisfaction rates and was well-respected in the telco community.

It has been over a year since TPG bought iiNet and the situation looks bleak for the ISP that was once the darling of the telco industry. Most recently, iiNet's Sydney office was closed down and most of the staff were made redundant. We spoke to one former iiNet employee to get the insider story on the aftermath of the TPG acquisition. We also spoke with iiNet to get its side of the story.


I'll undoubtedly be messing around with Final Fantasy 15 a bit more, and because I like shooting things, a bit of Destiny will undoubtedly be on the cards too.

But there's one game I'm really, really excited to work through.