Fine Art: Far Cry 4 Is Full Of Beautiful People

OK, so the real stars of Far Cry 4 are the fish, eagles and badgers, but just for a moment, let’s remember there are humans in the game as well. Humans who, from their designs to their outfits, look pretty good as well.

'How Much Can You Eat?' And Other Mildly Frightening Food Facts

One of our biggest eating days is less than a month away, but before we eat all of the things, how much of the things can we really eat? Vsauce3′s latest video has the answer to this and a smorgasbord of other eating inquiries.

Assassin's Creed Unity Has Some Very Pretty Concept Art

Dayshot: Assassin’s Creed Unity has some very pretty concept art. This GIF was made from a series of three drawings depicting the Café Théâtre, posted by Ubisoft’s David Alvarez to the Polycount forum’s Unity art dump thread. Check it out to see some more of the textures, models and concepts people have created for the game.

I Can't Get Enough Video Game Banjo Music

Banjo Guy Ollie’s quest to cover video game’s greatest music has only just now reached the “Still Alive” stage, but then his choice of instrument isn’t exactly cutting-edge. Don’t worry, he’s got a whole bunch of video game music under his banjo strap.

Dream Of A Destiny X Daft Punk Crossover

I’ve finally given up on Destiny. And feel like a better man for having kicked the habit. But boy, if there’s one thing that would get me back into the game, it would be novelty Daft Punk armour. Because really, we were all only playing it for the shiny new gear anyway.

You Don't Simply Jump Into This Giant Iron Man Suit

Artist Seungjin Woo‘s redesign of Iron Man is rather large and getting into it might require a bit more coordination than doing it with the regular one. You can see the scale of it by looking at the tiny Tony Stark sitting there comfortably.

Tiny Mass Effect Figures Protect Your Pockets From Reapers

The Mass Effect trilogy gets a series of Minimates figures to collect in the most annoying way possible. Diamond Select Toys has an entire line of Mass Effect figures coming out, with the first wave of seven tiny space commandos and friends. But that’s not the annoying bit.

Kotaku Awards 2014: Best Online Experience

Man, this award is gonna be a tough one. I think it would have been easier to nominate ‘worst online experiences’ given how badly games like Driveclub and Halo: The Master Chief Collection borked their online set-up at launch. But let’s stay positive! Let’s talk about the best online experience of the year!

Kotaku Awards 2014: Australian Game Of The Year

Day 3 of nominations for the Kotaku Awards 2014 and it’s time to nominate your favourite Australian games of this year. To be honest, you’re all a bit spoiled for choice in this category I reckon.

Idea: Stop Watching Movie Trailers

It’s been almost a year since I stopped watching trailers. And I couldn’t be happier. That’s worth considering if you’re losing your mind about an 88-second trailer for a Star Wars movie that won’t be out for another 12 months.