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In the 15 years I worked at Toys "R" Us, I sometimes leaked information about video game sales and posted them on message boards. I even took games home early to try them and then post impressions, which was very much against the rules. I did this because I've always been excited about video games and because, frankly, when your job is a grind, you will take chances if you know it will get your fellow gamers online to like you.

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If you're talking classic board games, and not tosh like Monopoly or Clue, then Settlers of Catan has to be near the top of the list. It's still brilliant today, and the app is even one of the best digital recreations of a board game around.

Most people have played Catan at one point or another, so you'll be familiar with how good it is. Now, are you sitting? Good. Because Settlers of Catan is getting a space version.

"The Prince of Play" Solon Scott is a YouTuber who plays through visual novels, mostly Japanese dating simulators. It's his art medium. In his videos, Scott acts out characters' voices, explains literary devices and offers sharp commentary on visual novels' plot. He sees himself as a performer and his videos as, in his words, "his work."

It's probably not the healthiest thing in the world, but something I've come to enjoy over the past few weeks has been a nice, thick berry smoothie in the morning. I used to not really enjoy anything at all; I'm not a breakfast person, unless that breakfast comes in the form of caffeine.

But, unsurprisingly for someone with a huge appreciation for yoghurt, I do like my berries. And berries go great in a smoothie.

As we reported yesterday, EA's offices were picketed early this morning. It's all part of the voice actors' guild strike, which is targeting 11 companies that includes Activision, Insomniac Games, Disney, and more.

But the strike doesn't affect every game, only those that went into production after February 17, 2015. And as you'd expect, quite a few of those projects haven't been announced yet.