The Wild World Of Japanese Pepsi Flavours

The world has seen some unusual Pepsi flavours. But the reigning champ for variety and inventiveness is still Japan.

I Bet Brock Lesnar Could Beat Up Goku

I doubt the greatest fighters in modern martial arts will square off against Street Fighter or Dragon Ball Z characters anytime soon, largely because of rights issues. Also some of the fighters in this equation are, you know, fictional. But oh what a fight card it would be.

People Are Testing Out YouTube's 60fps

Yesterday, Kotaku reported that YouTube was finally launching a 60fps option. And now, people are testing it out, like they would anything new.

PAX Is Playing Host To A Bethesda vs Magic: The Gathering Superfight

In the red corner… the heart, soul and PR Voice of Bethesda — and keynote speaker at this year’s PAX Australia — Pete Hines. In the blue corner, Magic: The Gathering’s Director of Research and Development, and ex-professional Magic player Aaron Forsythe!

This Saturday, at PAX Australia, these two are facing off against one another in a Magic: The Gathering contest for the ages.

When The PAX Floodgates Open...

If you’re lucky enough to have a media badge at PAX, you get the chance to head into the venue an hour early. This time is best used scoping things out, getting your bearings, checking out a few things before the crowds get in. But my absolute favourite part of getting in early is getting to watch the exact moment when everyone else is allowed in. It’s like a goddamn stampede.

The Closest Thing To PAX Without Actually Going To PAX

As you are probably well aware PAX Australia is in full flow. I’m currently sitting in a corner trying to connect to Wi-Fi and bashing out some stories. Consider this a public service announcement: if you want to keep track on what’s going on at PAX Australia but couldn’t actually make it, there are actually a number of Twitch livestreams that’ll allow you to keep tabs on the show floor and watch a number of really cool panels.

Remember This?

Well done to Waldofoo who correctly guessed yesterday’s Remember This. It was the original Bonk’s Adventure! Nice job Waldofoo and congrats and getting your first Remember This.

Ask Dr Nerdlove: Why Do I Keep Getting Friend-Zoned?

Welcome to Ask Dr Nerdlove, the only dating advice column that knows how to get every ending in the dating sim of your life. This week, we have a common problem: What do you do when you keep getting the Let’s Just Be Friends speech from the women you want to date? Do women really mean it? And if they do, why do they ditch you when they start dating someone else?

This Is Why Your IT Guy Called In Sick Today

If you’re heading to PAX Australia today, this is one of the first things you’ll see, literally before you enter the building: a sign with a series of rotating messages, one of which totally dobs in everyone who’s calling in sick today.

What Are You Playing This Weekend

What am I playing this weekend? I’m at PAX in Melbourne so I reckon I’ll most likely be playing whatever game I can be bothered queueing up to check out. That and I’ll be streetpassing. What are you planning to play this weekend?