Oooh, That Looks Painful

In this piece of 3D Final Fantasy VII fanart, done in a Bravely Default-esque style by Sketchfab’s HongZhihao, Cloud scores a huge hit on Sephiroth, making him drop his blade. Make sure to check out the embedded model below for more angles on the scene.

Pokémon Colouring Books Make For Terrifying Doodles

You’d think that if a talented artist got ahold of Pokémon colouring books, the result would undoubtedly be beautiful pictures. You, then, would be wrong.

A Video Game About Being A Mother

Becoming a parent is one of the most rewarding, terrifying, motivating things you can do as a human. There aren’t too many video games that attempt to replicate that experience, but that’s precisely what Shelter 2 is trying to do.

The Internet Reacts To The Colour Of That Dress

Today the internet lost its collective mind, and so everyone finds themselves arguing about what colour a dress is.

The Worst Taxi Driver In The History Of Grand Theft Auto

I’ve had some excruciating taxi rides in my life, but at no point in my life has a taxi driver taken his car off the road, driven onto train tracks and driven head first into an oncoming train.

Why I Love Playing Games On Handhelds

Look at your television. Look at where it’s positioned in your house/apartment. Look at what’s surrounding it: furniture: sofas, chairs. Silently pointing in its direction. This is the modern living space: all things gaze upon the television. It is the centre of your living space. Immovable. It’s heavy. It’s a burden. It’s an argument waiting to happen. You wouldn’t risk moving it by yourself. You’d ask for help. Your television might even be mounted; physically, irrevocably bolted onto the walls of the house you living in.

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I’m still playing old games. I’m playing Grim Fandango and Majora’s Mask to be specific. On handhelds. I’m actually have a lot of fun with both. What are you playing this weekend?

How Anita Sarkeesian Wants Video Games To Change

Minutes after I walked through a metal detector — and some time before she was flocked by well-wishers at the best-attended gaming lecture I’ve ever been to at New York University — I recently listened to the media critic Anita Sarkeesian describe eight things she’d like to see changed in video games.

Twitch Is Playing Halo. It's Going Surprisingly Well.

I doubt anything will hit the almighty viral heights of Twitch Plays Pokemon, but gosh darn if those crazy streaming kids aren’t trying. Currently on Twitch: people playing through the original Halo as a mass collective. Incredibly, they’ve already beat the first level.

The New Batman Trailer Hides A Puzzle

Being ‘the world’s greatest detective’ is one of Batman’s things, so it makes sense that the new Arkham Knight trailer had a rock hard mystery hidden inside.