Xbox One With Destiny And Forza 5 On Sale For $498 At Dick Smith

Destiny seems to be driving sales of the new consoles. Just anecdotally I’ve had a number of friends asking me which console they should buy, and which deals are good when it comes to either the PS4 or the Xbox One. This new one at Dick Smith isn’t half bad…

Metal Gear Solid V Gets New TGS Trailer

Here’s a new, long, cinematic trailer (well, one of the game’s cutscenes) for Metal Gear Solid V. The quality of this vid isn’t the greatest, captured as it is off a livestream of a Tokyo Game Show stage event, but it gets the job done.

Bloodborne Is Grotestque and Gorgeous And I Love It

With the Tokyo Game Show comes a new Bloodborne trailer. It is full of some incredibly grotesque enemy design. I am so ready for this video game.

Game Loading, The Australian Made Docu On Indie Games, Needs Your Help

You might have heard of GameLoading before. It’s a documentary focusing on indie games, being made by two Melbourne-based film makers. They ran a successful Kickstarter before, raising over $57,000, but in order to finish their project they need a little more. So they’ve started a second Kickstarter.

No wait! Don’t go! It’s worthwhile! They deserve your attention at least. I’ve watched an early 15 minute preview of what the team is producing, and I’m fairly certain you are going to want to see this documentary.

Tetsuya Nomura Is No Longer Directing Final Fantasy XV

Today, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XV has a new director. Originally announced in 2006 as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the game was rebranded as Final Fantasy XV last year. The game is being directed by Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

Getting Upset At Video Games Is Probably Terrible For Your Health

I tend to get angry at little things in video games. A lot. Sometimes really, really, really angry. I’m starting to think I should stop. Why? A recent study explained just how bad for us small yet frequent day-to-day stresses really are. The short version? Life-threatening.

Bomb Threat Targeted Anita Sarkeesian, Gaming Awards Last March

An anonymous e-mailer threatened to blow up a bomb at the Game Developers Choice Awards this past March unless the hosts rescinded an award recognising feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian, the organisers of the event have confirmed to Kotaku.

Report: Next Year, You Can Play A Demo Of Final Fantasy XV

It’s been a looooooooong time coming, but — according to a report on Game Informer — next year you’ll be able to get your hands on at least some of Final Fantasy XV, with Square Enix to release a playable demo of the title sometime next year.

News Flash: Super Smash Bros. Just Sold A Lot Of Copies In Japan

To be a little more precise? Super Smash Bros. on the 3DS just sold over one million units in a single weekend. In Japan alone.