Video Game Space Bikes Just Got A Step Closer

OK, it’s not quite Destiny’s Sparrow but it’s a start. This thing is a drone that will be used to fund and build a full-sized version as a flying bike.

While You Were Sleeping

A Heartfelt Ode To Studio Ghibli The tears. Mein tears. Down mein face.

Forget Everything You Know About Turn-Based Games A look at Klei’s new game, Invisible Inc.

Future Cigarettes Are Immune To Rain, Killer Robots How else will people look cool in the future?

Pok√©mon Fighting Arcade Game Announced In Japan And they’re looking pretty mean, too.

The World's Most Expensive Comic Sold For Over $3 Million

A copy of the first issue of Action Comics, released in June 1938, sold this week at auction for $US3,207,852.00. Not bad considering it sold for $US0.10 when first released. If you’ve never seen or heard of this comic before, and are wondering what the fuss would be, it’s the one where Superman makes his debut.

Could LAX Bros Finally Be Getting Their Own FIFA-level Lacrosse Video Game?

Briefly: Could LAX bros finally be getting their own Madden or FIFA-level lacrosse video game? Simon Parkin documented one game developer’s tireless quest to make a hit game based on his favourite sport in an excellent piece for Eurogamer. It’s well worth your time regardless of whether or not you’re a Lacrosse fan.

Australians Win Big At Intel's Developer Contest

The Intel Level Up Game Developer Challenge is a competition run by Intel that invites developers to enter their alphas, demos, proof of concepts for the chance to win cash prizes. This year it had quite the array of celebrity judges including Tim Schafer and Chris Avellone. It turns out that a a handful of Australian teams managed to dominate the awards.

Reports: Amazon To Buy Twitch For Over $1 Billion

Earlier this year, reports circulated that Google had purchased the video streaming service Twitch for over $US1 billion, but today it seems there’s a new suitor: Amazon.

Westfield Is Bringing Pinball And 'Youth Games' To Its Malls In 2015

“What’s that thingmibob the kids are all playing these days. Yeah that thing. The pinballs. Why don’t we get some of the pinballs into Westfield? The pinballs will get them in. That’ll loosen the purse strings.”

Online Attacks Cripple Sony's PSN, League Of Legends, Blizzard Games

Three of the biggest gaming services on the planet have been down for parts of the weekend, with DDoS attacks hitting the servers of the PlayStation Network, Riot’s League of Legends and Blizzard’s (affecting titles such as World of Warcraft and Hearthstone).