While You Were Sleeping

Five Minutes With The Aperture Science Heuristic Portal Pinball Device A pinball game with portals? Sounds promising.

This Week In The Business: Rest In Peace Some inside baseball from Brad Wardell.

Can A ‘Game Booster’ Improve Your Frame Rates? Probably Not Albeit, these games were tested on a high end machine only.

Digital Distributor Desura Explains Why It Hasn’t Been Paying Developers Illness and lack of automated systems to blame.

The Witcher 3 Benchmarked: The New Crysis How much grunt will it take to hunt?

Ultra Street Fighter IV Will Support PlayStation 3 Fight Sticks Good news for competitive hadoukeners.

This Week In The Business: Rest In Peace

“I think the old publishing model has died, where it’s just a bunch of suits and they’re doing marketing. It’s changed dramatically.” — Stardock CEO Brad Wardell, explaining why developers need a full partner to help bring games to market.

Worth Reading: Some Kickstarters Are Lying About Game Budgets

It’s Saturday, which means it’s time for another instalment in Worth Reading, our weekly round up of the best games writing from the past week.

Capcom, That's Not How Memes Work

There’s a lot of dumb luck and good timing needed for things to go viral online. But the most important thing is that the memes should come from the internet. I know that. You probably do, too. But Capcom? Geeeeeeez…

While You Were Sleeping

Rockstar Suing The BBC To Stop Making-of-GTA TV Movie Who knew Rockstar didn’t have a sense of humour?

CD Projekt RED Is Looking Into Fixing The Witcher 3’s Tiny Text Problem If you can read this, you’re not squinting enough.

Nintendo Just Announced A New Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Game Pokemon games will never stop selling. Ever.

Techland Freezes Production On First-person Dungeon Crawler Hellraid A freeze is better than a cancellation, right?

To Make Anime Eyes More Terrifying, Add Avocados I never trusted avocados. Now I know why.

Rockstar Suing The BBC To Stop Making-of-GTA TV Movie

Some folks might find it flattering when the BBC decides to make a movie about the creation of their blockbuster video game franchise. Not Rockstar Games. They’re suing the British Broadcasting Company to try and halt production of a project all about the making of Grand Theft Auto.

Bloodborne DLC Confirmed By Sony

More pain and misery is coming soon, via an expansion. Hurrah!

While You Were Sleeping

Video Game Strategy Guide Found In Osama Bin Laden’s Compound What, he didn’t look it up online like everyone else?

This Is Doug Bowser, Nintendo’s New VP Of Sales Sorry, your P&L sheet is in another castle.

Retro Console Promises To Play ALL The Games I don’t really have time to play ALL the games. Oh, very well. I’ll see what I can do.

Here’s A Good Time At A Japanese Arcade Cigarette smoke aside, any time is a good time at a Japanese arcade.

Kiss People Through Plastic This Weekend In Tokyo Do they wash the plastic between kisses?

The Mana Bar Is Closing Its Doors

We’ve just learned that The Mana Bar in Brisbane, the world’s first video game themed cocktail bar, will be closing its doors on May 24.