The US Military Is Developing A High-Tech Sandbox

Dubbed the ARES Sandtable, this US Military prototype uses a Kinect, a projector, software and sand to recreate real-world environments like never before.

Um, Dark Souls Is $0.19 On Steam Right Now -- Update

So, this has to be a mistake, but you might as well take advantage of it before it’s changed: Dark Souls is currently 19 cents. Not dollars, cents on Steam. That’s about as close to free as you’re ever likely to get. This is as good a chance as any to play my favourite game of the last five years.

You Can Buy Just About Every 3D Realms Game Ever For $19.99

Hey, do you like old video games? Of course you do. Were you a fan of the work 3D Realms did? Of course you are. Would you like to buy almost every game 3D Realms ever made for $19.99? Well I guess that’s up to you, I should presume to know your mind!

World Of Warcraft Is Getting Local Servers In Australia -- UPDATE

We’ve been informed that Blizzard, after almost 10 years, is finally creating local Australian servers for World of Warcraft.

Property Developer Busted For Pretending Sim City Screenshots Were A Real Thing -- UPDATE: We Were Duped

Imagine you are a property mogul. Imagine you want to head up a sexy new futuristic real estate project in Dubai. You could do the work: create the plans, get the concept art commissioned. Or you could bugger that right off and just use Sim City instead. Genius.

The Avengers: Age Of Ultron Trailer Leaks. You Might Want To Watch This.

Looks like the debut trailer for the new Avengers movie has leaked, and you can watch it here!

EA's Corporate Speak Is Meaningless, Court Agrees

Today, a US court ruled to dismiss a class-action lawsuit filed against EA for lying about Battlefield 4, a video game that came out and didn’t really work for some people.