Game Of Thrones MMO Reportedly In Development

Game Of Thrones MMO Reportedly In Development

We might be getting another chance to revisit our favorite people and places from Game of Thrones. That’s according to a new report from Witcher and Game of Thrones news site Redanian Intelligence, which claims that an MMORPG set during the height of the HBO series is in the works. Here’s what we know.

The report claims that the MMO is currently in development at Nexon. The South Korean publisher is responsible for games like multiplayer FPS title THE FINALS, which was developed by subsidiary studio Embark. However, the report from Redanian Intelligence did not include information on what studio within Nexon is making the Game of Thrones MMO.

Most intriguing is the alleged setting of the game. Sources claim that the MMO will take place in the middle of the HBO show, specifically between the fourth and fifth seasons. Setting an MMO (which ideally would run for years and have an extensive story) in the middle of an already occurring story that we know the conclusion of sounds like a tough challenge for the game’s narrative.

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It’s an understandable choice in theory, but the show ended five years ago, leaving most fans disappointed. Either fans will be eager to return to an era of Westeros unplagued by the show’s ending, or they will be too burned by that ending to have any interest at all. Only time will tell. For those familiar with Game of Thrones, the game will take place at a time when Roose Bolton rules the north, and Jon Snow still resides on the Wall. This will come into play as the game is apparently set in the North, with locations like Winterfell and the Wall to be featured. Don’t expect the show’s actors to voice their characters, though, as the report says that at this time, none of the original cast are involved.

The main detail we got from the report about how the game will play is that players will be able to choose between a male and female protagonist. Whichever protagonist players don’t choose will still be involved in the game’s story in some way. Perhaps it will be handled similarly to Mass Effect: Andromeda’s dual protagonists. Now that doesn’t exactly sound like an MMO. Perhaps it’s more of an online single-player game, but the report specifically calls the project an MMORPG.

The report also doesn’t give a timeline for the game, so we don’t know when to expect it or how long the title may have been in development so far. Hopefully it doesn’t get canceled before seeing the light of day, like the last MMO set in Westeros. R.I.P Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms.

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