Electronic Arts To Be Bought By South Korean Company?

Interesting. According to a report on Bloomberg, originating from the South Korean media, MMO publisher Nexon is interested in a takeover of Electronic Arts.

While details were thin, the Bloomberg report did mention EA's shares jumped 6% on the news.

Nexon is the publisher of games like Maple Story. While it's a smaller company than EA on paper (EA is worth billions), who knows how much cash it could scrape together if it was serious about the deal.

Neither Nexon nor EA is willing to comment on what both companies call "rumour and speculation".

Top Headlines: PepsiCo Results, EA Soars on Offer [Bloomberg]


    Please god no.

      EA can rot in hell.

    i would prefer a f2p cashshop for every game than the games been run to the ground and the general evil that is ea

    never going to happen.
    nexon can buy the shares and make some impact but never a takeover

      So if they buy a majority stake in the company they can't control it, that's not my understanding of how take overs work. If I buy out 60% of the stock, I have a controlling interest, EA is not immune to a hostile take over. Some perverse part of me wants this to happen and then see the company dismantled. Oh the sweet irony...

        This, nothing would make me happier to see EA suffer. Hell, Maybe this company will do some good

    The birth of in game micro transactions that last a week in a single player environment.

    Cant wait to play f2p Dead Space 3 where the game is melee only unless you pay for ammo!

    Just deserts.
    That is all.

      No oasis areas? No greenery?

      Oooooooooooooooooh you meant....

    /v/ wins again


      Do I smell a 4chan-driven trolling? :D

        lot of good it did for whatever cause they were trying for, as it increased their stock price.

    In related news, I have a bridge in New York going for a reasonable price, if anyone is interested...

    its like nibbler ingesting a flood covered planet

    Holy $#

    Holy $#!t Commander Shepards been a bad boy.

    Blue Horseshoe likes EA is all.

    Screw that, why nexon? they do so many things wrong.

    And luke fails again. Will he ever get a report right?
    Nexon is Japanese, as it says in the link *YOU* posted!

    Please God no. EA is terrible already and if Nexon takes over it'll only get worse.

    I understand why people have negative viewpoints about EA but I know I don't. I find their games to be enjoyable. I get the feeling of people just wanting to feel morally superior about something, so they hate on EA.

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