Titanfall Online Is Coming To South Korea

Yes, yes. Titanfall already has online play, but this Nexon-released title is specifically an online game.

Titanfall Online was announced for Asia as a collaboration between EA, Respawn and Nexon. So no word on an international release.

It appears to be based more on the first game than its sequel.

Here is some gameplay footage:

As tipster Sang notes, Nexon is holding a "Frontier Test" for South Korean players, which will start on December 15 and run until December 21.


    EA really didn't want this game to succeed. Hope it finds some success in South Korea.

    Why not just release an online only version of titanfall 2 and boost the player base? Seems like a weird idea.

      Given it's by Nexon, this would be a free-to-play game. It's likely going to have different progression and incentives compared to the original.

        Yeah fair call. I figured they could have different progressions but still have the people in the same play pool.

      As a titanfall 1 player, I don't like titanfall 2. Feels more COD than titanfall. Give me an updated titanfall 1 and I'd be all over it.

        What makes you think that? I've never liked CoD games. I haven't played one for probably a decade. But I put nearly 200 hours into Titanfall.

        To me, Titanfall 2 feels like a refinement on so many things in the first. The movement and gunplay feel the same, the weapons and potential loadouts feel like they allow for so many more interesting combinations, and the new glass cannon titans coupled with the new rodeo mechanic fixes several systems-based issues they had the first time around. There's a lot more risk/reward and there's really no "best" way to do things anymore. Even though they changed rodeoing and destroyed my favourite thing to do, I still think it's an overall improvement in pretty much every way.

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