Two Korean Companies Might Be Trying To Buy Valve [Update]

According to a report from Korean news outlet Joongang News, Asian gaming giants Nexon and NCsoft are pooling resources in an attempt to purchase Valve.

Apparently executives from both Korean companies, meeting in Hawaii this week as part of an annual summit, discussed the proposal both before and after the event.

While Valve runs a lucrative publishing business, being the studio behind series like Half-Life and Team Fortress, it's their Steam publishing platform—which has arisen in recent years to dominate the PC game distribution market—that makes them such an appealing target for rumours like this.

Nexon, the Korean giant behind MMOs like MapleStory, owns a majority stake in NCsoft, which most recently published Guild Wars 2.

This rumour of course only applies to Nexon and NCsoft's rumoured offer to purchase Valve. Whether Valve, a privately-held company, would ever sell is an entirely different matter altogether.

We've contacted Valve for comment, and will update if we hear back.

UPDATE — Nexon tells Polygon "There is no truth to this rumor".

엔씨 김택진, 8000억 매각 이유 밝혀졌다 [Joongang News, via VentureBeat]


    When the EA proposal was brought up a few weeks ago, Gabe outright said that the company would dissolve before selling out. I doubt anything's changed since then.

      Yeah, exactly.

        Wasn't. That quote just aimed at EA though? I doubt he'd sell anyway.

      "Gabe outright said that the company would dissolve before selling out. "


    LOL.. I cant wait to hear Gabe's comment from this little rumour :)

    Didn't these two companies try to buy another company about a year ago? I think it was EA or something crazy like that.

      They were in discussions with activision

    Unless they offer an insanely staggering amount of money, I doubt they'll get sold. The people running it don't seem too eager to give up their day jobs.

    I don't think there's any chance they'll say yes. They like being the biggest indie company in the world.

    i really don't like the way ncsoft and nexon do things...

    I'll drop off a bridge if the news of my love; Valve got sold D:
      There is help out there if you need it.

    On the positive side if they did sell i am sure the Korean overlords would pump out HL3,
    Having said that all power to the Hypno-Gaben

    I don't know what sort of money Valve pulls in from Steam, but surely it would supercede any offer the Koreans could make. At best it would be a short term gain, long term loss for Valve

      Yeah but that short term payoff from selling the company would be enough for everyone who works there to retire for life... Or start up their own new indie devs. EA was talking about a billion dollar buyout, I can only assume these Koreans would be talking about even more than that.

        An awful lot of Valve's employees *already* have enough money to retire for life! They're pretty much impossible to buy out.

    First of all, I don't think Valve would sell, too many pointers to suggest otherwise, success in distribution, success in games, success overall as a video game company, that shows more then a concern for money, it feels more like a passion for them, anyway, besides that,

    Secondly, I don't believe anyone else could own Valve. If you've read about their organizational structure, it's unbelievable. No bosses, a level field, it theoretically shouldn't work for such a large company. To buy and barge in, and try and implement your own system into it, I don't believe you could, it'd implode.

    Lastly, I don't like nexon. LOL

    Fuck Nexon. One of the most money hungry companies out there.

    Valve is becoming a force to be reckoned with, if they were to release their "aka Steambox" they may potentially bump one console maker off the market, if two are bumped off we can probably bet Apple will merge into that market as well. Honestly i'm tired of Microsoft and Sony, I feel they're holding innovation back rather than pushing things forward.

    I've dealt with their bullshit for long enough.

      Valve are going for world domination, not some measly Asian coin.

      You're saying Valve wouldn't base their business around Halo-like experiences in spite of the money it makes? Come on, mate.

      and you reckon Valve would be any less evil then Sony or MS?

    Valve practically prints its own money. They have no need to sell...

    Some comments here are mighty disturbing, demonstrating how Gabe has successfully painted himself as the 'good guy' what with all that hard stance talk about 'dissolving' the company before selling.

    I'd bet good money, that Gabe actually baited these companies into dialogue for acquisition, after all Steam is standing at a fork-road to either continue being a traditional software company or become a publishing giant. They need these offers to properly value their entire company including 'Good-will', having these companies put cash on the table effectively means they get the valuation service for free.

    Everyone realises that Gabe is set for life (since being project manager (?) on Windows 95) right? I can't imagine why he would even toy with the idea of selling. As noted above; he made it pretty clear with the EA thing a while back that that is the case too.
    Even if I heard it from his mouth directly; I'd still be pretty skeptical

    No not nexon...

    No not nexon...

    Gabe will never cave... Johnson. He'd make them take the lemons back. He'll get mad, he doesn't want their damn lemons.

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