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Centipede was released for the arcade by Atari in 1981. It's a game where you swerve back and forth as you fire at bugs and try not to get eaten. Halt and Catch Fire featured it in its very first episode and again in its series finale, proving once and for all the show is more than just the sum of its characters and the cultural time capsules they interact in.


The Big Score is the sixth and final heist mission in GTA V. If they player selects the "subtle" approach, they will need to drive their car onto a tractor trailer at a certain point or the mission ends in failure. Unfortunately, there's a rare glitch that can make doing so impossible.


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You can blow a lot of money in Akihabara, the Tokyo district that houses the world's densest cluster of nerd-related storefronts. And if you have far more cash than sense, you can throw it down on some of these very rare and highly desired vintage games and related items.


In 2017 most video game consoles look pretty similar: black boxes of varying size aimed at being as discrete as possible. The brands who manufacture and distribute them also have more clout and prestige of their own. So it's weird to think that in the late 90s Nintendo thought it was important to use Tommy Hilfiger to promote the Game Boy Colour.