As we discussed earlier this week the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes is coming to Sydney starting June 3 at the Powerhouse Museum. It's a celebration of all things Sherlock and will also feature a one-of-kind interactive mystery that all visitors can take part in.

We're offering Kotaku readers a chance to win early tickets to the exhibition*. Think you can solve a puzzle or three? Jump on in.

*It's also a unique chance to prove that Kotaku readers are smarter than Gizmodo readers.


Divinity: Original Sin is a really cool game, but it's not all that interested in holding your hand. It can be complicated and challenging, and some early difficulty spikes may leave new players feeling a bit burned. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make your first hours in the game go much more smoothly.


It really sucks that Irrational Games is shutting down, and I hope that everyone who was laid off finds new employment soon. It's a bad situation, yes, but for gamers, there's something to be optimistic about — a new digital game by Ken Levine.