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Avengers Assemble... Some IKEA Furniture

Thor shouldn’t have problems with basic furniture from IKEA. But, instead of using his hammer, he’s sitting there in silence, completely confused.

LEGO Avengers Introduces... Iron Stan

There’s more to the LEGO Avengers video game than the two blockbuster movies. During a Comic-Con panel earlier today Stan “The Man” Lee took to the stage to introduce his two cameo characters as well as a few surprise guests.

Avengers Age Of Ultron: Australian Review

This is it. No more origin stories. No more unlikely heroes come together at the last minute: it’s on. The Avengers are an established team, and they’re back to kick a whole planet’s worth of arse in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron. In case you’re wondering, it’s practically perfect.

Bad Lip Reading Assembles The Redneck Avengers

Remember the chilling scene in the first Avengers movie in which Loki tells Black Widow to run to Piggly Wiggly to get him Skittles, cigarettes and Big League Chew? Oh wait, that’s Bad Lip Reading’s Redneck Avengers.

New Avengers Team Teases Big Changes In The Marvel Universe's Future

Marvel’s premier super-team might need some crowdfunding soon.

The Darkest Avengers Series Ever Ended This Week

Today, a big, bright Avengers movie filled with quips and heroics is lighting up screens all over the country. This week, one of the grimmest runs of Avengers comics comes to a close. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? Not always.

Hawkeye's Superpowers Include Collecting Scarves

Addressing criticisms that he’s outclassed by the rest of the Avengers, Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye gifted The Tonight Show audience with a soulful song about his secret superpowers, which include collecting scarves, free quac and Mario Kart.

Stan Lee Teaches The Art Of The Cameo

While some of us aren’t too keen on seeing comic book legend Stan Lee’s name in front of things, there’s something about the idea of a Stan Lee Cameo School that just makes sense.

Spider-Man Joins The Avengers Early In This Fan-Made Movie Mash-Up

This week’s big comic-book movie news was the deal that lets Marvel use Spider-Man in their upcoming big-budget superhero movies. So here’s a well-done mash-up that re-imagines the Avengers‘ chaotic Manhattan battle sequence with a little extra wall-crawler in the mix.

Watch: Things Look Bad In The New Avengers: Age Of Ultron Trailer

The newest teaser for Marvel’s upcoming super-team sequel shows a collection of superheroes not getting along at all. Too bad they’re going to be facing down a super-intelligent human-hating robot. So much for teamwork?

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