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James Cameron Is Earth's Official Spokesperson

After showing us through the magic of 3D how human beings could potentially screw up an entirely new planet, James Cameron has signed on with NASA to help show how the agency is keeping us from screwing up our own.

Who Killed The Solar Console?

Three years ago someone built a solar-powered video game console. It was a novelty. You couldn’t really say it was ahead of its time, because that assumes such a time will come.

Aussie Students Tackle Climate Change With Video Games

I spent last week playing a bunch of student games aimed at tackling some of the world’s toughest problems. Environmental conservation was a common theme. It’s also the theme of an Australian student game design competition just announced.

Nintendo's Weird Environmental Tips

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If you play the Nintendo DS puzzle game Picross 3D long enough, you unearth some advice about how to be more eco-friendly. But the advice is a little weird. Have a look.

Greenpeace Still Says Nintendo Is Bad For The Environment

This year, like every year, Greenpeace has given Nintendo the lowest marks out of the electronics companies it graded.

Nintendo Can't Quit You, Instruction Manuals

It seems we may have been a little premature in declaring the death of the printed manual, with one of the world’s biggest publishers going on record saying that there’s life left in the printed word yet.

IBM Builds Its Own SimCity Game

Computing giant IBM will later today unveil CityOne, which is basically SimCity, except IBM made it instead of EA, and the focus is on sustainable cities instead of rampaging UFOs and reticulated splines.

Games, And Their Impact On The Environment

A great report over on GamePro today takes a look at the environmental impact of the video game industry. Those yearning for a brighter future (and can take solace in incremental improvements), you’ll like what you see.

'Green' Cases Don't Do Much For Greenpeace Rankings

Doesn’t look like cutting a bunch of plastic out of the standard game cases did much for anyone’s Greenpeace ratings. The environmental advocacy group released its quarterly rankings of electronics companies, again tsk-tsking Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Here's Nintendo's Enviro-Friendly Game Case

The TIE Fighter-Wing looking “green” game cases have been out for Xbox 360 since most November releases. Go Nintendo has an image of what they’ll look like for Wii games, beginning with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.

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