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Reminder: You Can Now Buy Mewtwo In Smash Bros.

You can stop feeling jealous about all the people who got to test drive Mewtwo early: the legendary Pokémon is now up for sale in the Smash Bros. shop.

Smash Bros Players Found A Way To Break Mewtwo

The most menacing Pokémon of all can become quite game-breaking in the hands of savvy Smash Bros. players.

Here Are All Of Mewtwo's Moves In Smash Bros Wii U

Meet the new Mewtwo, same as the old Mewtwo. Like always, the psychic cat-lizard-Pokémon chimaera is spending most of its Smash time floating around and conjuring big blasts of purple energy to knock opponents off the stage.

Mewtwo From Super Smash Bros Compared With Mewtwo From Melee

Want to see how each version of Mewtwo stacks up? How was the character’s Smash Bros incarnation changed? Let’s find out!

Mewtwo Will Be Available On Smash Bros On April 28

Video: Hooray! He’s almost here. You can watch him in action in his character reveal trailer below.

Mewtwo Is Pretty Much Elsa From Frozen

Here’s a kind of mind-boggling comparison. Ever notice how similar Mewtwo from Pokémon is to Elsa from Frozen?

Without Pokémon, We Wouldn't Have Japan's Nerd Heroine

Japanese nerd heroine, Shoko Nakagawa, loves Pokémon. And for good reason. Pocket Monsters gave her a reason to live.

It's Not Quite A Magical Girl Transformation, But It Will Do, Mewtwo

Yesterday, Patricia posted a fan animation showing the Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo changing into his recently revealed new form via an elaborate ‘magical girl’-style sequence. The official version we just received from the Pokémon Company? Not far off.

How That New Pokémon Is Like Frieza From Dragon Ball

Over the weekend, a new Pocket Monster was revealed. The character seemed familiar. However, that’s not because it looks like a new form of the Pokémon character Mewtwo. There’s another reason.

The Most Popular Pokémon Of All Time Goes Black And White Next Month

Pikachu is cute and all, but when it comes to battling Pokémon it doesn’t get much better than Mewtwo. Players of Pokémon Black and White can witness this power first-hand starting February 12.

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