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Why Inside Is One Of The Best Games Of The Year

Video: Have you played Inside? I hope you have. If not, go play it. If so, please enjoy this excerpt from the latest Kotaku Splitscreen podcast, in which Jason Schreier and I discuss the many, many reasons we love it.

The Wild Theories Behind Inside's Secret Ending

The final moments of Inside are tense and unexpected, but it’s only one way for it to end. Theories about the secret ending are even crazier.

INSIDE: The Kotaku Review

Well, here’s one of the most straightforward video game reviews I’ll ever write.

Bleak, Dystopian Inside Comes To Xbox One In Early 2015

After four years of development, Limbo developer Playdead’s new side-scroller, Inside, will come to the Xbox One in the first half of 2015 as part of Microsoft’s [email protected] program. The game has a website which you can keep an eye on for updates.

Let's Take A Look At The Cool New Limbo Special Edition

Limbo was one of my favourite games of 2010 — a game that combined atmospherics, smart puzzle design and a wicked sense of humour into something dark, harrowing and distinctive.

Playdead Used The Limbo Profits To Buy Itself From Investors

Denmark-based indie developer Playdead was created with one goal — to produce Xbox Arcade game Limbo. Since the game premiered in 2010, it has been also been developed for the PlayStation Network, and for the PC on Steam.

Playdead's Next Game Is 3.5 Years Away

For those itching for the next game from Limbo developer, Playdead, there might be a bit of a wait involved. A three and a half year wait, to be exact.

Indie Darling Limbo Speeds To Steam

Having already charmed countless Xbox Live and PlayStation Network players, Playdead’s starkly beautiful Limbo is now available for $US9.99 on Steam, boasting the only version of the game to run at 60 frames per second. Hopefully that’ll fix the flickering.

PlayStation 3 Gamers Enter Limbo On July 19

Earlier this week developer Playdead confirmed the stunningly stark and stirring Xbox Live Arcade title Limbo was “coming soon” to the PlayStation Network. According to the PlayStation Blog, soon means July 19 in North America, July 20 in Europe. Rejoice!

Limbo Is Coming To The PC

Having had its PlayStation 3 outing spoiled by a Korean classification rating, Limbo is now also making its way to the personal computer as well.

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