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What's The Story With Catherine?

Grisly murders, deadly nightmares and a marriage proposal followed immediately by a one-night stand? What exactly is going on in Atlus’ Catherine? the game’s official website gives us the skinny.

What's My Motivation? Why We Play The Top 100 Games

We pulled the top 100 highest rated games from review aggregation website and broke them down by primary motivation – the driving force behind the heroes, anti-heroes, competitors and god-like beings inhabiting those acclaimed titles.

Dead Rising 2 Examines The Power Of Multinational Pharmaceuticals

Dead Rising 2 is a zombie game with bite – a darkly humorous exploration of the ultimate power wielded by multinational pharmaceuticals and the corruption that creates.

Why Games Need More Than One Simple Word

No matter who is brought in to write a story or dialogue, the industry still treats the written word in such a utilitarian way that it has a second-class citizenship among the other art forms comprising a video game.

You Got Plot In My Street Fighter

Yes, I know there’s a wonderful tradition of storytelling behind the Street Fighter series.

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