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Soon It Will Be Way Easier To Use A PS4 Controller On PC

Sick of messing with drivers to get your DualShock 4 working on PC? Worry not. The solution, as always, is a dongle.

Slim PS4 Apparently Unboxed Before Sony Can Even Announce It

On September 7, Sony is expected to announce two new models of the PlayStation 4. They should only bother announcing one, because the Slim looks like it’s already well and truly out there.

Sony Is Taking Playstation VR To Australian Shopping Centres

2016 might be the year that virtual reality finally landed in the hands of consumers, but it hasn’t exactly had a raft of killer games to go with it. And that’s one of the curiosities facing PlayStation VR. Will the games be enough?

Fortunately, there’s an answer for those on the fence about the technology. Sony will be taking their VR headset around Australia later this year, giving gamers a chance to decide for themselves.

Report: A New Standard PS4 Will Be Shown Off Next Month

Following our story this morning on images of a slim version of the PlayStation 4 had already begun to appear online, a report has now surfaced indicating that Sony will officially unveil refresh of the standard PS4 console at their PlayStation Theatre event on September 7.

Apparent PS4 Slim Leaks On Auction Site

Apparent images of a slimmer, sleeker version of the PlayStation 4 have popped up on the UK auction site Gumtree (h/t NeoGAF), where a British seller claims to have obtained an unannounced model of Sony’s latest console. It’s going for only £295.

Sony Just Promoted A Game And It's Getting Wrecked

Gamescom is live and running, which means new trailers and gameplay footage is flying out the door.

One of the games Sony just featured is called Solbrain Knight of Darkness, and you can buy it from the US PlayStation Store now. But judging by the footage Sony just promoted on their YouTube channel and the way gamers have responded, you probably shouldn’t.

Sony Is Finally Updating The Menus On The PS4

Don’t get me wrong: I love my PS4. But good God, that console has some antiquated design. And that’s most evident in the way the menus are constructed. The Share screen pulls you out of gameplay. Transitions are slow. And finding your favourite games is a pain.

Some of those quirks are finally being fixed.

Two Hours With No Man's Sky: A Diary

Yesterday morning, I downloaded the day-one patch for No Man’s Sky, a video game in which players explore the universe and try to solve mysteries, such as why the UI looks so much like Destiny’s. I had wiped my old save-file, so with the patch I was starting fresh.

PlayStation 4.5, AKA Neo, Will Be Announced Next Month

Sony just sent out invitations to an event called the PlayStation Meeting, at 3pm Eastern on September 7. The company will finally reveal their upgraded PlayStation 4 model — which Kotaku broke news of earlier this year — there. Looking forward to it!

No Man's Sky's Day-One Patch Will Make Some Huge Changes

If you’ve been playing or watching streams of No Man’s Sky over the past few days, you should know that things are about to get very different.

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