This Is Not Your Typical Open-World JRPG

I consider myself a fan of the open world video game genre. Give me a playground and I shall play. Then along comes D3 Publisher announcing a new open world game and I immediately became a mixture of intrigued, bemused, and perturbed all at the same time.

Custom PlayStation Based On Crash Bandicoot

With its TNT crates and colourful jungle environment, the second level “Jungle Rollers” and even the entire first island is one of the most memorable ones in Naughty Dog’s classic. Belgian modding veteran Vadu Amka recently made a custom PS1 based on all the level’s features, and it looks really neat.

Never Alone: The Kotaku Review

When was the last time a video game told you about a whole other culture? Took you somewhere remote you’d only heard about in passing, and let the people who’ve lived there speak to you in a generations-old voice? Never Alone does that all-too-rare thing and does it very well.

Short Clip Celebrates PlayStation's 20th Birthday

The 20th anniversary of the first PlayStation console’s Japanese release is fast approaching, and Sony’s here to commemorate it with — what else — a montage.

Sony Has A Cloud TV Service Coming To PS3 And PS4

Sony just announced a new on-demand service that doesn’t use traditional satellite or cable services. Instead, it’s cloud-based. Sony is calling it PlayStation Vue.

Giant Vita Is The World's Most Pointless Handheld

The PS Vita TV has problems. Cramming it inside an oversized handheld shell to make it “portable” is not going to fix any of them.

Uncharted Movie Gets Help From Actual Talented Hollywood Person

The Uncharted movie isn’t the trainwreck it once was, but it’s still something to be concerned about, even with the involvement of the guy who made King of Kong. Why? Because it’s a video game movie. Though a recent addition to the creative team might cheer you up a little.

Ex-Sony Engineer Left His Name Inside Every PS4

Kazuya Sakakihara spent ten years working at Sony as a senior software engineer, helping bring both the PS3 and PS4 to the world. He’s no longer at the company (parting ways in early 2013), but before he left he made sure his name quite literally lives on inside the code of pretty much every PlayStation 4.

90s Magazine Cover Sure Was Grim

With the PlayStation 2 on the way, the April 1999 issue of France’s Player One magazine had some ideas on the future of Mario and Sonic.

New Call Of Duty Doesn't Work With PS4's Share Play Feature (UPDATE)

Gamers playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfareon the PS4 have discovered that the console’s newly-minted “Share Play” feature doesn’t work with the shooter. This represents something of an inauspicious debut for Sony’s new game-sharing feature, which arrived via an update shortly before Advanced Warfare was released.