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Sony Is The Only Remaining Obstacle To PS4-Xbox Cross-Play

In recent days, the developers behind Rocket League and The Witcher 3 have both called for Sony to break down the walls separating PlayStation Network and Xbox Live and allow cross-platform multiplayer.

The 31 Most Important Japanese Games Ever Made

Over the decades, Japanese developers have churned out a mind-boggling number of video games. Some are good, and some are bad. These are the 31 most important ones. Deciding which ones are the most important is tricky and subjective. I’ve tried to include games that have influenced Japanese gaming, worldwide gaming, or both.

PlayStation 1's Most Unusual Japanese Box Art

The PlayStation 1 got an array of games. Some were good, some were bad and some had odd box art. “Odd”, however, isn’t a bad thing at all.

Sony Locks Guy's PSN Account For Using 'Jihad', His Real Name

A 26-year-old Saudi gamer says his PlayStation Network account was locked for using the word Jihad — which also happens to be his first name.

The Life And Death Of A Daredevil Video Game

In the early 2000s a small developer named 5000ft Inc. started work on a modest PlayStation 2 game based on Marvel Comics’ Daredevil. Unseen64 historian Liam Robertson explores how that modest project blossomed into something much bigger, before being unceremoniously canned.

PlayStation VR Pre-Orders Draw Crowds In Japan

On Saturday, PlayStation VR pre-orders began at Japanese retail shops. The VR headset won’t be out until this October, but if the lines are any indication, Sony could have a hit on its hands.

Watch 30 Extremely Impressive Minutes Of Gravity Rush 2 On PS4

Video: Of all the games at this year’s E3, Gravity Rush 2 might be the one I’m most excited for.

Introducing Sony's New Virtual Shooter Controller 

This is the PS VR Aim Controller. It might not look realistic, but Sony says it can handle realism better than other VR controllers.

Everything You Need To Know From The Sony PlayStation E3 Conference

Missed Sony’s E3 conference this year for one reason or another? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know.

Sony Announces New Open-World Survival Game, Days Gone

And now, a few minutes of a totally new game by Sony Bend coming out for the PS4, Days Gone. It looks a little bit like The Last of Us, in that there are zombie-like creatures, except this game features a biker protagonist.

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