Sony Australia's New 'White And Gold' PlayStation Controller

I think we’re all sick of hearing about a certain dress and its ongoing conflict with the colour spectrum. Sony Australia couldn’t help but get a laugh in however with this tweet during the height of the apparel’s perception-bending popularity.

WIN! The Chance To Face Your Fear, Thanks To Bloodborne Only On PS4

Bloodborne is one of our most anticipated games of 2015 and hits Australia on Wednesday March 25. To celebrate Hidetaka Miyazaki’s latest dark masterpiece, Kotaku has teamed with PlayStation Australia for a seriously spine-tingling competition. We have PS4s and copies of the game to give away, plus one lucky reader gets the opportunity to face their greatest, most terrifying fear. Huge! So what are you scared of? We’ll send Mark along with a crew to film your adventure. Entering is easy!

Should Sony Make Another Handheld?

This weekend, the PS Vita will officially turn three. Although the system has become a must-have for anyone who’s into indies and niche Japanese games, it just hasn’t been able to make a splash in a market dominated by iPads and iPhones.

The Order: 1886: The Kotaku Review

Do you like movies? Do you like video games? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, you should probably skip The Order: 1886.

Poll: How Japanese Gamers Feel About The PS4

The PlayStation 4 was released in Japan nearly one year ago. So are Japanese buyers of the console happy with their purchase?

More Than A Third Of 2014's Big-Budget Games Got Day-One Patches

You may have had the feeling lately that the games you’ve been buying and playing didn’t quite get finished when they were shoved out onto store shelves. Well, a lot of them weren’t done baking.

YouTube Leak Derails Launch Of Big PS4 Exclusive

On February 14, a YouTube account called PlayMeThrough uploaded a series of videos titled “The Order: 1886 Gameplay Walkthrough.” The title was rather literal — the videos, which were separated into 16 parts, walked viewers through the entirety of The Order: 1886, from prologue to final boss.

Big Layoffs At EverQuest Studio Today

Daybreak, the game studio behind EverQuest and H1Z1, is laying off a number of staff including David Georgeson, the man who has served as the face of EverQuest for many years, Kotaku has learnt.

Guy Turns His PS1 Into Final Fantasy VII's Midgar

Well, that’s one way to play the classic JRPG: With a miniature version of Final Fantasy VII‘s capital city on top of the console.

Sony Sells Off Studio Behind Everquest, H1Z1

After almost 20 years, the Sony Online Entertainment studio is no longer part of Sony. Sounds like we’ll be seeing games like EverQuest and H1Z1 on the Xbox soon.