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Sixteen Bosses In Shadow Of The Colossus Weren't Enough For Artist Roberto Robert

Sixteen bosses in Shadow of the Colossus weren’t enough for artist Roberto Robert, so he drew two more. They’re both awesome, very similar to the fifth colossus Avion, and would fit perfectly in the setting of the game.

Game Studio Co-Founder's Farewell Is A Tough, Sobering Read

Composer Jessica Curry, who most recently worked on the PS4 game Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, has announced she’s (sort of) leaving The Chinese Room, the studio she helped found. There’s more on her mind, though. In a blog post, Curry pulled no punches when talking about her negative experiences working with Sony, how the industry devalues the contributions of women, and more.

The New Uncharted Collection Shows How Much The PS3 Evolved

If you asked a bunch of people to list the most influential games of the last console generation, there’s a solid chance most of them would include the PS3’s Uncharted series. Four or five years ago, when we needed to show a friend how visually impressive video games had become, we often reached for one of Nathan Drake’s adventures.

The Most Popular PS4 Communities Are Hilarious (And Sometimes Awful)

PS4 players now have the power to form groups for all their favourite games. Almost immediately, people used this power to make all sorts of ridiculous, hilarious, WTF, and sometimes horrible communities. Here are some of the best (and worst) that I’ve found.

It's Official: No More PlayStation 3s For New Zealand

You had a good run, PlayStation 3, but the writing was on the wall when the PS4 came out. You’ve been superseded, demoted, set aside. Retired. And now your papers have been signed by Sony itself. Well, in New Zealand anyway, but I’m sure Australia — and the rest of the world — will follow.

Mobile Gaming Didn't Kill The Vita -- Sony Did

I have long been a fan of the PlayStation Vita. So this quote from one of Sony’s head honchos about portable gaming seriously bums me out.

Hack Makes PlayStation TV Remotely Useful

PlayStation TV: good idea, poor execution. Mostly because there were a ton of great Vita games that the little box wouldn’t support. But hey, where Sony came up short, users are getting the job done.

This Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Is Ugly As Sin

If you get it, just put this mega-capacity PS4 one behind something else, m’kay?

PlayStation VR Is The Only Way I'd Want To Play Final Fantasy XIV

Project Morpheus PlayStation VR may be the only way I ever want to play Final Fantasy XIV — so long as they work out some of the real world kinks. At this point, most gamers have probably heard of PlayStation VR and seen what it can do. VR is nothing new. The real question is how it’s utilised.

There's A Virtual Last Guardian At TGS

Why play The Last Guardian when you can play with a huge, virtual Last Guardian at this year’s Tokyo Game Show?

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