Dedicated Diablo III Player Reaches Level 2000

Some enthusiasts are still on Diablo III and they’re not just messing around casually, but achieving crazy things — for example Vajet, who has already reached a combined level of Paragon Level 2000.

Go Play Journey Again

I thought I was finished with Journey. I was wrong.

The Witcher 3 Fan Animation Sums Up The Game Pretty Well

An animated parody of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, made by Matthew Shezmen, proves that being Geralt is not easy when there’s so much drama going.

Naughty Dog Thought The Last Of Us Was 'Going To Tank'

The Last of Us has been a huge success for its developer, Naughty Dog. It’s been flooded with awards, glowing reviews, and fan love. It’s spawned a fantastic expansion and work has already begun on a sequel. No one’s more surprised by the success than the game’s developers. They thought it was going to fail.

Journey Transitions From PlayStation 3 To PlayStation 4 Today

Briefly: The hauntingly emotional Journey transitions from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 today. It’s a cross-buy title so if you own it on PS3 you own the higher resolution PS4 version as well. Perhaps you can put the money saved towards the PlayStation Gear Journey statue.

Crash Bandicoot Could Have Had These Sweet Animated Cutscenes

Back before Sony gots its grubby little mitts on Crash Bandicoot, Universal Interactive Studio toyed with the idea of opening and closing the game with hand-drawn animation. This hand-drawn animation, to be precise.

God Of War III Reveals Kratos For What He Is

Midway through God of War III, the buff and surly protagonist Kratos is scaling along the outside face of a building when he happens upon a man. He’s perched precariously next to a window, crying out for help. Saying nothing more than a grunt, Kratos bashes his head against the wall and pitches him off the ledge.

World Of Warcraft-Themed PS4 Is All About The Spikes

Even though you can’t play World of Warcraft on consoles, this custom PS4 with Horde chains and spikes is pretty damn cool.

PS4 Owners Campaign For A Better PSN

The PlayStation Network, a premium subscription service that occasionally lets you play video games online, has a lot of problems. PS4 fans want to change that.

Journey Lands On The PS4 On July 21

Video: Journey — one of the best PS3 games — lands on the PS4 on July 21 with upgraded 1080p resolution.