Rad Skateboarding Game, Rad Trailer

Video: OlliOlli, a 2D skateboarding game with a killer soundtrack, was one of 2014′s nicer little surprises. As is this trailer for its sequel. It’s coming later this year to PS4 and Vita.

Finally, A GTA V Stunt Montage With Birds

All the jets are grounded. GTA V‘s birds are here to show how to pull tricks off properly.

A Limited Edition PS4 Just Went For Nearly $160,000

A super special PlayStation 4. A good cause. An internet auction. You better believe this 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 just went for well over a hundred grand.

If You Had A US PSN Account In 2011, Here's How To Get Free Stuff Now

More than three years ago, a crippling internet attack brought down Sony’s PlayStation Network and interrupted service for more than a month. Legal showdowns ensued and today, people in the US who used the company’s online services can begin the process of getting their share of a $US15 million settlement. Here’s how.

Auction Begins For The Most Desirable PS4 On Earth

Last year, Sony rolled out the limited edition Anniversary PS4 in classic PlayStation grey. There were only 12,300 released, each serialised. Now, you can bid on number 1.

The Limited Edition Bloodborne PS4 Is A Tad Uninspired

After a recent delay, Darksoulslike Bloodborne will be coming out on March 26 in Japan — along with this pair of PS4 models which, uh, basically have a slight variation of the box art on them. But, hey, they at least include the game.

PlayStation Making Up For Downtime With A 10% Off Sale This Weekend

As first detailed earlier in the month, Sony is making up for some Christmas-related downtime with a sale on pretty much everything on the PlayStation Store.

Sony Offers Refunds To Fans Angry About Zombie Game Microtransactions

SOE’s DayZ-ish zombie MMO, H1Z1, just launched on Steam Early Access. That means it is, on no uncertain terms, unfinished. However, even fans with that knowledge were surprised to discover a microtransaction airdrop that affects gameplay. They felt like they’d been misled.

Three Years Later, The PSP Gets A Firmware Update

Today, Sony released firmware 6.61 for the PlayStation Portable. Um. What?

Man Stuffs PS4 And Xbox One Into A Single Laptop

Modder Eddie Zarick took one PlayStation 4 and one Xbox One and put them into one laptop. Because, why not, really.