You Can Finally Suspend Games On PS4 Now

Sony released a new firmware patch for the PS4 today, and with it, the suspend/resume feature promised way back in February of 2013 is finally here.

Bloodborne Players Are Killing Themselves In The Most Unlikely Place

It goes without saying that people playing Bloodborne are going to die a lot. It’s a tough game. But to die in the game’s one “safe” area?

Bloodborne Isn't As Brutal When It Glitches Out

Bloodborne can be pretty brutal… unless it happens to hiccup. While it might not be particularly common, when Bloodborne glitches out, just about anything can happen.

Timed DLC Exclusivity Is Bullshit

There’s some new Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC out today, as you may have heard. It’s called “Jaws of Hakkon” and you can get it for Xbox One, PC, and… well, that’s it. Did you play Dragon Age on PlayStation 4? Sorry. No DLC for you this week.

About Half Of The Studio Behind Driveclub Are Getting Laid Off

Briefly: About half of the studio behind Driveclub are getting laid off, according to Eurogamer. Created by veteran developers Evolution Studios, the PS4 exclusive racing game suffered an extremely rocky launch last year, but a series of updates improved Driveclub significantly.

Hoax Alert: The Grandson Of Sony's President Didn't Fry A Pistol

I’m not even sure that Sony President Kaz Hirai has a grandson or even a son for that matter. But I am certain that, despite Twitter claims, this is bullshit.

Get Rich Beating People Up In Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 rewards you for beating the crap out of street thugs and gangsters in the form of gobs of cash. Gobs and gobs of cash.

If Someone Hacks Your PSN Account, You're Kinda Screwed

Over the past few years, Sony’s PlayStation Network has proven itself to be totally resilient and definitely not susceptible to any sort of major hack. So of course, it’s perfectly reasonable that they still don’t have two-step verification.

PlayStation's First TV Show Delivers Really Screwed-Up Superheroes

“Y’know, back when I was what I was… this girl, one time after she blew me, she flew. Hovered, really. It happens sometimes with an exchange of fluids…” That’s a superhero-turned-cop in Powers explaining what happens after he hooked up with a non-super-powered person. Smallville, this ain’t.

Helldivers Bug Erases Progress If Your PS4 Controller Dies. Seriously.

Here’s a shitty bug for ya: A fair number of players are reporting that they have lost all their progress in the new PlayStation game Helldivers after their controller died while they were playing.