Um... Thanks, Sony?

Briefly: Reader Mike wanted to know when Life is Strange Episode 3 was out on PS4. Sony’s answer was… helpful? Not really? If you’re wondering, yes, the link does indeed go to Life is Strange’s Steam page.

Report: Project Morpheus Coming June 2016

Virtual reality is the next big thing and it will be coming to PlayStations in the first half of next year. At least, that’s what the latest newspaper reports from Japan are saying.

Russian Military Vehicles Get Inspiration From Playstation Controllers

This is a Kurganets-25. It’s an infantry fighting vehicle. Covered with armour, it’s outfitted with a turret, a canon, and a controller that is inspired by a PlayStation gamepad.

Cows Invade Diablo III On Its Third Anniversary

Happy Birthday Diablo III! The game came out three years ago yesterday and an anniversary like this means a special event. This time it’s a Cowpocalypse, and it will be a nostalgic one for all Diablo fans.

A Speed Painting Series Featuring Final Fantasy VII's Most Memorable Moments

Dayshot: Artist Lap Pun Cheung created a speed painting series featuring Final Fantasy VII‘s most memorable moments. It was a six-month-long project, and he only finished it recently with Cloud & Co. finally facing Sepiroth. You can check all 130 paintings here. It’s quite the ride.

Destiny's Old Russia In LEGO Form

Inspired by the game’s original concept art, LEGO enthusiast Hunter Erickon rebuilt a tiny segment of the toxic, burnt grass area of Destiny with LEGO bricks.

Kojima's PT Eradicated From PSN; Can't Even Be Re-Downloaded

The mess at Konami keeps getting messier, and weirder, with the discovery today that PT — a playable teaser for an upcoming Silent Hill game that has since been cancelled — has been completely removed from Sony’s PSN servers, even for people who had downloaded it while it was still available..

Old PlayStations Make Great Clocks

The original PlayStation isn’t only a fantastic console. It also makes a wonderful clock.

Could The Metal Gear Solid Lookalike Doctor Really Sue Konami?

As Kotaku UK reported a few days ago, an Italian doctor called Sergio Canavero is currently at the centre of an insane internet-generated conspiracy involving Metal Gear Solid V, head transplants, and a whole host of other mad ideas. To cut a long story short, because of his strong resemblance to a doctor who appears briefly in a trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Dr Canavero has found himself the centre of attention in some sectors of the gaming world over the past week. He’s been contacted by several internet strangers trying to link him to Kojima, and has stated that he intends to seek damages from Konami for using his likeness without permission.

7 Games We Saw In Action That Never Came Out

It’s frankly ridiculous how close some games are to finished when they are cancelled — or, conversely, how vaporous they can be when they’re first shown. At trade shows, you see maybe 50 games in the space of 4 or 5 days, and a small proportion of them fade into the background and are never heard from again. Sometimes you see something at Gamescom or E3, forget about it for years, and then suddenly think “Hey, whatever happened to that?”