PS4 Will Get Disc Version Of Minecraft Next Month

Briefly: Yes, Microsoft owns Minecraft now. But, don’t worry, the PS4 will be getting a disc version of the hit sandbox game next month. A Blu-ray release of Minecraft PS4 Edition hits on October 7.

PS3 Owners Will Get To Try Out The Open Beta Of PlayStation Now Streaming Service

Briefly: Starting today, PS3 owners will get the chance to try out the open beta of PlayStation Now streaming service. God of War: Ascension, inFAMOUS, and the recently released Ultra Street Fighter IV will be joining the 150 or so games currently in the PlayStation Now catalogue.

Minecraft On The PS Vita Seems Like... Well... Minecraft

Minecraft for the Vita is mostly what you would expect — It’s Minecraft. But it’s in your hand.

The Monsters And Giant Mecha Of The Tokyo Game Show

Today is the first press day for this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Here’s a look at the show floor, which is populated with booths, game demos, giant mecha, and monsters. Oh, and motorcycles and a flying sheep. Can’t forget those!

Murasaki Baby: The Kotaku Review

I have a three-year-old daughter. I probably shouldn’t be playing Murasaki Baby, a game which is, in essence, about leading a toddler girl into and out of danger.

Diablo III's Endgame Dungeons Can Be Disappointingly Empty

Greater Rifts in Diablo III are unforgiving sometimes — not because they’re hard, but because you have 15 minutes to kill a huge amount of monsters, even if the dungeon doesn’t actually have that many of them. YouTuber avtorouc entered one of these dungeons where the monster density was, well, quite low.

Five Things You Might Have Missed In Dark Souls II's Second DLC

Bosses that act differently if you wear certain items, hidden areas, secret alternative death animations: Dark Souls II‘s second DLC, Crown of the Old Iron King, has a few cool things even veteran Souls players could miss.

15 Must Have Diablo III Items

After an expansion, a console port and several patches, Diablo III looks really healthy right now. With lots of special items and legendaries added to the game it almost — almost! — feels like Diablo II again, with all the maths you have to do to assemble the perfect character with the perfect gear.

In Japan, Xbox One Loses Another Game To The PS4

Earlier this year, Batman Arkham Knight was announced for the PS4 and the Xbox One in Japan. Things have, you see, changed.

A Game Where You Have To Sacrifice Teammates Sounds Cool In Concept

Lost Dimension is a tactical RPG that initially caught my attention due to one of its biggest gameplay elements — the fact that in order to progress through the game, you have to eliminate one of your teammates.