Diablo III Player Reaches Level 70 In One Minute

Here’s an insanely skilled Diablo III player Dat Modz proving that it’s possible to get to max level in no time. Sixty-five seconds to be exact. That’s bloody impressive.

Three Bloodborne Players Race Neck-And-Neck For The Fastest Kills

Care for a reminder of how good people can be at Bloodborne? I’ve got just the thing.

Meet The Head Transplant Doctor At The Centre Of A Metal Gear Conspiracy

For almost a week now, some parts of the gaming internet have been going nuts over the visual similarities between the doctor that features in the trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and the controversial real-live Dr Sergio Canavero, the neurosurgeon who recently found sudden fame when he claimed that he was ready and able to perform the first human head transplant in medical history. He’s even found a prospective patient, a Russian called Valery Spirodonov, who suffers from a terminal muscle-wasting disease.

You Can Explore The Original WipEout's Tracks In Your Browser

Dominic Szablewski ported all the maps from the classic 1995 racing game WipEout into a browser-compatible format. So finally, it’s now possible to flow through them in a browser without making any mistakes.

Sony Hack Reveals Intent To Acquire Super Smash Bros. Film Rights

Included in the deluge of Sony executive emails, memos, PDFs and presentations released on WikiLeaks earlier this week is one little nugget that will warm your inner child’s heart: Sony may be trying to nab film rights to the Super Smash Bros. series.

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Coming Soon

Video: Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, the fascinating PS4 adventure game announced back in 2012, will be out this (northern) summer, Sony says. New trailer above. This one looks pretty neat — it’s developed by The Chinese Room, the game studio behind Dear Esther.

Chappie Censored In Japan, Director Wasn't Told

When Chappie was released in the US, it was a R-rated film. But for the movie’s upcoming Japanese release, Sony decided to edit the film for kids 12 years old and up. Here’s where things get really awkward.

Three Bloodborne Enemies Who Are Just The Worst

Each enemy in Bloodborne is a jerk in its own way. But some are worse jerks than others.

In Japan, The Order: 1886 Is Penis And Nipple Free

While The Order: 1886 might not have been a very good game, it was equal opportunity with nudity. In one scene, for example, there’s an exposed breast and a penis. That is, unless you played the game in Japan.

Everyday Life In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Looks So Cool

Dayshot: The game just got a new gameplay trailer, full of combat, but the best-looking parts are the ones with the NPCs doing their medieval daily routine.