12 Days Of Christmas: The Sonic Screwdriver

12 Days Of Christmas: The Sonic Screwdriver

12 Days Of Christmas: The Sonic ScrewdriverIn the run up to christmas, we’ll be highlighting some of the more interesting, quirky gaming style gifts. First up, the Sonic Screwdriver Wii-Remote.

When the Sonic Scredriver first hit the office, my first thought was ‘oh, this looks kinda alright. A bit like a lightsaber’. Cue me swishing it around, making ‘whoom’ noises, and generally annoying everyone. But then Seamus sauntered in and lost his mind. ‘WHOAH! A Wii-Remote Sonic Screwdriver!’ It was then that I realised you had to be a Dr Who fan to understand why this device was interesting.

It was designed to be played with the latest Doctor Who game on the Wii, which is utterly abysmal, but it can, of course, be used with any other game on the Wii. We would suggest, however, that it is completely unsuitable for any game that uses the the Wii-Mote in a ‘NES style’ horizontal manner, as it’s completely uncomfortable at best – practically impossible at worst.

If there was a Dr Who game worth playing, we’d argue that the Sonic Screwdriver Wii-Remote was essential, but as is it remains a pretty cool piece of equipment for hardcore fans of the Time Lord. 12 Days Of Christmas: The Sonic Screwdriver


  • I ignored the game and bought the screwdriver!

    I love having a Wii Remote that’s chargable via usb, my only complaints would be the position of the A button and B trigger it’s not quite comfortable to grip it in a way to reach both without accidentally hitting the Home button from time to time.

  • If only they bundled some of these with the crappy game, they would have sold a few more.

    It’s probably the coolest Wii Remote until the official lightsaber versions. Only thing stopping be buying the shit out of it is the lack of Motion Plus.

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