Mum Loses Her 6 Kids Over Game Addiction, Filthy Home

A Pennsylvania woman has lost custody of her six young children after investigators found the kids living in a filthy house littered with "animal waste". Why the deplorable conditions? The mother is "addicted" to online computer games.

Police say the kids, which are 11 years old and younger, were sleeping on bare mattresses and had little to no food, according to a WPXI report. Elizabeth Ruffner neglected her children due to her game addiction, says her husband, the kids' stepfather. WPXI's report doesn't identify the game by name, but uses footage of a Grand Theft Auto game in its report.

Child services have taken custody of the kids and police plan to file felony child endangerment charges.

Police: Online Gaming Addict Neglected Her 6 Children [WPXI]


    "WPXI’s report doesn’t identify the game by name, but uses footage of a Grand Theft Auto game in its report."

    I do not mean to be rude, but if they are not going to identify the game, they should not be allowed to use another game in its place.

    The journalists have basically open themselves up for law suits from Take 2 for this.

      I agree. They're just using GTA because it's a violent, controversial title and they want to stir the pot some more.

    Most of these stories are all mothers or housewives, so much for the fat male slob of a gamer cliche now days.

    90% chance its farmville. Iv had people in my life spend 18 hours a day on that while ignoring their kid totally so they can get a pink unicorn or some shit like that. Sorry, rant over

    Anyone else genuinely NOT surprised this is a story from America? I think that's something to ponder.

      If the kids had died, then it would've been in Korea.

    Why didn't the husband do anything? My wife once played farmville for 7 hours strait while I was at work and forgot to give our daughter any food or drink. There where some angry words, a realization followed by some tears and now she hasn't played it for five months - although she did get pretty bad with plants vs zombies for awhile there. But even if the woman in the story was playing while the guy was out surely he would have started to notice the state of the house and kids?

    Now it doesn't say WHO called child services, it could've easily been her husband after he might've tried to do something and he's possibly working all day to try and earn enough money to get by with this family. So no one should be jumping to conclusions here saying that the husband did nothing when he might've actually done this.

    get your story strat IT WAS WIZARD 101 i now the farther went to the factory and ate all the PIE

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