Preorder Incentives Offer Putter, Two Courses For Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12

Preorder Incentives Offer Putter, Two Courses For Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12

Moving up nearly three months to be here in time for The Masters, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 was given a March 29 release date yesterday. If you’re so inclined, the major games retailers have listed their preorder bonus content.

Amazon gives you an extra club – the “Georgia Classic Putter”, which gooses putting attributes by +10 and is usable both online and in career mode. GameStop’s preorder incentive involves two courses. Xbox 360 preorders will get a code for Bethpage Black, scene of the 2009 US Open. PS3 preorders will get a code for Turnberry, which hosted The British Open in 2009. Best Buy and Walmart have yet to list the game.

Additionally, a $US69.99, PS3-only collectors’ edition includes another five courses exclusive to that version, for now.

Pre-Order Bonuses for Tiger Woods 12 [Pasta Padre]


  • Is that PGA Tour 12 as in the 12th iteration of the series? Or the 2012 edition of the game? Because it seems pretty odd to me to be releasing a 2012 sports game in March 2011?

    • Nope, it’s the 2012 version of the game… Normally it will be about June/July before we see the newest Tiger game, but they have moved it forward specifically because they have Augusta this time, and the Masters being in April.

      EA do that with all the games though, the next game is always released about a month earlier than the new season of whatever sport.

      FIFA about August for the EPL
      Madden about Aug/Sep for the NFL

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