So I Went To A Hockey Fight And Punch-Out!! Broke Out …

Fighting in hockey is awesome. It’s more than tolerated – the NHL has no problem with fighting on the ice, nor in the video games it licenses. Know what makes a hockey fight more awesome? Punch-Out!! music.

This is Zack Stortini of the Edmonton Oilers and Chris Barch of the Dallas Stars getting rough Tuesday night in Dallas. The gloves drop, and next thing you know, the P.A. fires up with the training anthem from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! Quick! Write down the pass key!

[Thanks Thomas M.]


  • YTMND has ruined me forever. There is only one thing i think when i hear that, and it involves a stolen bike…..

    • Haha no set-up. Fighting in hockey is legit. Those guys beat the living crap out of each other. But it is polite to ask the other guy if he wants to go and square off with him before punching him in the jaw.

      • It’s more of a grey area. There are obviously boundaries, and the general politeness of it means that it’s less of a real ‘punch up’ and more of a spectacle to satisfy the crowd’s blood lust. It’s just swagger and posturing usually.

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