Tetris Makes World Spending A Little More Understandable

Last night President Obama delivered the State of the Union. Written for posterity, perhaps, it's still a policy speech, and policy costs. Here's "Debtris," reminding everyone that, a bilion here, a billion there, pretty soon you're talking about real money.

Debtris, produced last month by Information is Beautful, arranges spending figures in relative sizes to one another; the Tetris motif is just to get you to pay attention. No squiggly pieces or L bars, but damn, that $US3 billion from OPEC's climate change fund sure is preventing the board from clearing off a couple lines, isn't it.

Debtris [Information Is Beautiful]


    Puts things in perspective doesn't it. I love these things because it shows in absolute laymen's terms how much money is being wasted on areas that probably don't matter. Seriously, it can't hurt OPEC to double the size of that dot.

      sad fact is, people just don't care enough to let go of that extra yacht

      "Time is money friend"

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