Minecraft Note Blocks Cover Bohemian Rhapsody — All Of It

Not only does this note-block ballad of "Bohemian Rhapsody" span (nearly) a virtuoso five minutes in Minecraft, it's hardly this artist's first production. He's also turned in covers of Mega Man and Super Smash Bros themes.

Says YouTube user jae100jj, he created the cobblestone ground and torches using the mcedit tool, but everything else "(note blocks, dirt/wood, redstone dust/torch etc)" were "all done by hand."

More than a few commenters have marveled at his speed getting these performances up. This is the 16th, beginning with the opening theme to The Office just a month ago. See his YouTube channel for more.

Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody Covered In Minecraft [Hot Blooded Gaming]


    Does anyone know if this is some sort of freeform construction mode to the default survival? Though he says he laid out all the stuff by hand, I cannot fathom that he could put this together with having to mine all those rarer materials.

      There is a creator mode where I think you have unlimited blocks in you inventory to just build whatever with.
      Not sure how you change modes, check the wiki:

      Actually Richard, all he needed is a lot of wood and redstone. Trees are plentiful and can be easily farmed; and redstone is rather common once you hit a certain depth. A 4 hour session could easily obtain all the material required for this sort of build.

      There are some inventory editing programs from what I remember. You simply have to specify how many and where you want the item or materials. Very easy and quick to use.

    have a bad start to the day. the whole thing just cheers me up. awesome work!

    Actually, if he does this all on a world through a server he could generate whatever supplies he wants/needs and place them "by hand", rather than having them placed using any tools.

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