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In a move that’s equal parts surprising, inevitable and brilliant, late yesterday Microsoft announced Minecraft Earth, an augmented reality game that will let people build all sorts of blocky creations as they’re walking down streets and trying not to get hit by cars. It’ll be out later this year for phones, with a beta hitting this winter.


A YouTuber decided to experience another world and to do this, he loaded up Minecraft in VR on his PC and spent 24 hours inside the game. He then shared the results of his experiment in a recently released short documentary, revealing what happens to the brain and body during and after that much VR.


Minecraft’s latest snapshot update, 19w07a, changed the way paintings work which has allowed some crafty players to create in-game TVs. The new update, which also added adorable foxes into the game, breaks paintings into multiple textures.

Before this update, paintings in Minecraft were created using a single texture. This new change has allowed modders to create working in-game TVs and computer monitors.


Briefly: Pandas are coming to Minecraft. Pandas are coming to Minecraft! Pandas! Are! Coming! To! Minecraft!They were revealed in a Minecon World stream today, and they are "lazy and playful." They will appear in the holiday update coming to Minecraft later this year.