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If you're a fan of old games, I have good news: this week is all about the nostalgia. Top of the pile we've got STRAFE, a procedurally generated, very 90's looking shooter. And right next to that channelling the spirit of one of the best arcade games of the same era is NBA Playgrounds, which pretty much everyone and their dog swears is just a new NBA Jam.

Sounds alright to me. But let's see what else will be hitting shelves physical and digital this week.


Yes. This is exactly what needed to happen for Sega to resurrect the nearly 20-year old Dreamcast! OK, maybe we're jumping the gun here, but it's still a nice surprise to see Minecraft (well, a clone called Crafti) running on the retro hardware. It certainly looks like the real deal.


When you combine two items correctly in Minecraft, it makes a new item - a bit like chemistry. So it isn't surprising really that a modded version of the game is successfully being used to replace certain elements of chemistry lessons in schools.

Students are inadvertently learning traditionally tricky topics such as polymer synthesis (making plastic) and refining oil with greater ease.


For most of its life, Mojang has allowed private Minecraft servers to exist with few, if any, caveats. The largest servers, like Hypixel and Mineplex, have player bases rivaling those of full independent games, as well as enough staff to create experiences that can be almost unrecognizable as Minecraft. But in June of 2014, Mojang started cracking down on private servers and limiting what made them unique.