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If you've got $US75 a month to burn and live in California, you can get a 250-pound arcade cabinet running a 30-year-old game delivered to your door. This is the service offered by All You Can Arcade, a San Francisco business that opened shop last month. If all goes well, it'll expand to the east coast.


Mirrors lined with blue and red LEDs have long been a staple of Portal-themed decoration. Taking it to the next level, however, is jamin101wolf. He bought the Portal gun prop available through ThinkGeek and Amazon, then plugged the two mirrors into remote-control power boxes. With this he pulls off the effect of firing a red and blue portal (which are located on opposite walls, creating the requisite hall-of-mirrors effect.)


In addition to being a cheerleader in the attract mode for the original NBA Jam, former Playboy model Kerri Hoskins Branson also portrayed Sonya Blade in several Mortal Kombat games, beginning with Mortal Kombat 3 in 1995.