I'd Have Expected More Glamour From A $5000 NES Cartridge

I'd Have Expected More Glamour from a $US5,000 NES Cartridge

But nope! For that kind of luxury, you need to pay at least three to five times as much.

As spotted by Wired, over at eBay, one gamer is apparently saying goodbye to his collection of NES carts, which includes this original, "Super Rare" Nintendo World Championships cartridge. Since its condition is, as the eBay page puts it, merely "acceptable," the starting bid is a relatively low $US4999.

So if you have ridiculous, but not too ridiculous, amounts of disposable income, you might wanna consider owning this fine piece of video game history. As long as you don't mind stains.

I'd Have Expected More Glamour from a $US5,000 NES Cartridge
I'd Have Expected More Glamour from a $US5,000 NES Cartridge

NES Nintendo World Championship Cart RARE Torn Label [eBay, via Wired]


    Sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind.

      At least the body text in this version of the article was longer than the URL for the ebay link.

      Also it contained the ebay link which was a bonus.

      You're not losing your mind. The day is just repeating itself so you think you're seeing all the articles posted twice.

        Well, if it worked in Groundhog Day, maybe I can get used to it!

    The buyer must feel like shit when this pops up the next day


      Ouch, it even has OWNED in the freaking title.

    I feel like I'm Marty McFly, and me and the Doc just went... Oh wait, no, it's just bloody Kotaku.

    There is also a Gold Version of NWC on there as well. Same dude, stupid price.


    Are you kidding me? How many times is this now? It's become quite clear that there's no correspondence between editors at Gawker but how hard can it be to read your own website to make sure the same story doesn't get posted again.

    so this "sold" for nearly $100k USD...

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