Is This NES Worth $16,000?

Never opened. Frozen in time. That’s what the claims are for a rare 1985 launch edition of the Nintendo Entertainment System being sold on eBay. Wrapped in plastic in a handled cardboard box, the NES up for grabs is apparently in the same state that retailers received it more than 20 years ago.

It’s a Deluxe Set — which contains the R.O.B. sidekick and the Zapper light gun peripheral, along with the console unit, two controllers and Gyromite and Duck Hunt cartridges Seller thegreybox_restorednes describes the NES as one of the first wave sent to North American retailers to test out the overseas market for Nintendo.

Pictures of the unit sealed in protective acrylic with a NM+ seal from collectible grading organisation Video Game Authority accompany the eBay listing, so to inspire confidence in any would-be buyers. If you’ve got thousands of dollars lying around and a burning need to relive that Christmas morning when you became a lifelong gamer, this may be an offer you can’t pass up.

1985 Nintendo NES Deluxe Set NIB Brand New VGA 85!!! (NYC Test Market Edition) [eBay]


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