Cop Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Another Cop's Video Game Handheld

Cop Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Another Cop's Video Game Handheld

According to Nikkei, 21 year-old police officer Ryo Yamashita allegedly took 75,000 yen ($733) and a game portable from another officer's room in a police dormitory in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

Apparently, the theft took place place while Yamashita was off duty and his colleague was on duty... fighting crime. Nikkei did not clarify what type of portable game machine was allegedly taken.

The Hyogo Prefectural Police said, obviously, that theft is something an officer should not do, that it is conducting an extensive search, and that it will mete out the necessary punishment.

同僚の部屋から7万円窃盗疑い 巡査を逮捕、兵庫県警 [Nikkei]

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