When Your First Game Design Is Destroyed By Dad

When Your First Game Design Is Destroyed By Dad

Atsushi Inaba’s credits are impressive. He’s produced titles like Okami, Viewtiful Joe and, most recently, Vanquish. When he was young, he dreamed of becoming a game creator. Then his dad found out.

After a friend got a NEC PC-6001, 11-year-old Inaba got bitten by the programming bug. “I couldn’t afford it, though, so I started writing programs on paper just to show my dad how passionate I was about it,” he tells Famitsu. “So one day I showed him this dice program I wrote, and he got angry that I was this kid writing gambling programs, so he ripped up the paper in front of me.” Figuring his pops wasn’t so hip to his new found love, Inaba began pestering his mum.

“I told her I’d be a rich programmer and buy her diamonds and condos and things,” he adds. “I was kind of a bad kid, looking back.”

Inaba eventually got a computer and landed in the game industry, working at SNK and later Capcom and Capcom studio Clover. Currently, he’s at Platinum Games, where he does not make gambling games and hangs out with a lady with spiky boobs. Hopefully his dad is proud.

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