Dead Island Movie Deal In Works, But Not Quite Landed Yet

Days after the haunting, evocative trailer for Dead Island showed the world that little girls can die in zombie outbreaks too, rumours hit that the game had landed a movie deal. That's not exactly true, the developers tell us.

Variety reported that the producer behind The Mummy had bought the rights to a Dead Island film adaptation, but Techland international brand manager Blazej Krakowiak tells Kotaku that's not correct.

"Our publisher (Deep Silver) is talking to different and pretty high profile people about a possible movie," he said. "But nothing has happened yet. There's nothing definitive to say."

Hollywood's attention was apparently drawn to the game after the trailer hit for Dead Island, a zombie apocalypse game first unveiled in 2007, last month.

Krakowiak says that the overwhelming and positive reaction to the trailer has been "very humbling".

"We knew we had a good trailer, that's why we worked on it," he said. "But of course we were overwhelmed and surprised by the extent of the reaction. The response has been crushing.

"It's a little scary to face that sort of hype."

Krakowiak said that despite the rumour, Sean Daniel, the producer behind "Tombstone" and "Dazed and Confused", does not have the film rights to their game. At least not yet.


    I hope the game can live up to all the hype the trailer created. I've got a funny feeling that while the trailer was deeply emotional the actual game is going to be quite shallow.

    I'll bet $10 this if banned in Australia.

      Derp.. standard response to any violent game posted about.. it'll be banned for sure.. blah blah..

      Seriously though, I hope the movie deal gets signed and that when they make it the producer or director makes a movie about a family of Zombie hunters that hunt zombies and stuff.. that sounds really cool.. oh and hopefully Marky Mark is free to star in it too.. cant wait!

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