Hollywood's Already Bought The Rights To A Dead Island Movie

That didn't take long. Days after Dead Island's haunting trailer hit, making it the most talked-about game in development (well, this week), a report already has it that the producer behind "The Mummy" bought the rights to a Dead Island film adaptation.

Sean Daniel, a producer behind "Tombstone" and "Dazed and Confused" and, in a career at Universal preceding that, credited on "Animal House and Do the Right Thing", now has the film rights to the zombie story, reports Variety. His eponymous company picked up the option. Union's Dmitri Johnson and Richard Liebowitz are also in on the project.

This has been quite the week for Dead Island, a game resurrected from development oblivion by the shattering trailer showing a family on the resort-turned-hell fighting off a zombie invasion, losing their child in the process. Variety said Union has been following the game's development over the past two years, and the interest sparked by the viral video "validated the company's instincts".

Companies team on 'Dead Island' project [Variety]


    It was a cool trailer but the world doenst need another zombie movie that seems to have little to distinguish it from another.

    How can you possibly come to the conclusion that the movie will 'have little to distinguish it' from other zombie flicks after only seeing the first trailer for the game that said movie will be based on?

    Seems a like 'backwards' thinking to me.. zing!

    You're right though, the zombie outbreak on a resort island is a way over saturated genre.. They are totally ripping off Weekend at Bernies 2.

    Hey as long as Uwe Boll isn't involved and they don't dumb it down to a PG13 rating, I am interested.

    It's a case of "You've played the game now watch the movie" they can latch onto.

    By the time the movie is released there could be a game sequel to tie in with the movie or some DLC.

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