Team Fortress 2 Makes A Great Batman Movie Greater

The Dark Knight is one of the great movies of our time. It's not perfect, though. Well, it wasn't. It is now. (Warning: you'll need to turn the sound up).


    This is from the same guy that did the Law Abiding Engineer trailer hey? Still think that one was better, but this was good.

    Good, though can't say I agree with Soldier being Dent. Maybe if they removed his helmet and moved his mouth a bit more...

    TQDW (Too quiet didn't watch)

    Hahahahah the very last bit is classic!

    That's what passes for awesome these days??
    Are my standards too high?


    You would think someone who can master so many different 3D composition tools would know how to submit their production to youtube in the right aspect ration and with an audible master?

    It's good, but the Slap Chop Scout one was better.

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