Could We Have Gotten A Second Jade Empire Game?

Could We Have Gotten A Second Jade Empire Game?

Rafael Brown, a designer who now works at Doom creators id but once worked for Mass Effect creators BioWare, has an interesting project listed on his resume: he says he worked on Jade Empire 2.

Jade Empire was a Chinese-themed role-playing game released by BioWare in 2004. An entirely original IP, it was the developer’s first project after Knights of the Old Republic, and last before Mass Effect (which Brown also worked on) would be released in 2007.

While a critical success, it wasn’t the commercial smash KOTOR was, which may explain why the company moved onto Mass Effect and Dragon Age and haven’t looked back.

This “Jade Empire 2” likely was little more than a concept piece, a pre-production project with a name, since nothing was ever shown publicly nor has it ever been mentioned by BioWare. Interestingly, Brown has it listed as a PC, 360 and PS3 title, when BioWare’s last game (Jade Empire) and next game – Mass Effect – would be PC and 360 exclusives.

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  • I remember asking about it on the bioware forums a long time ago, and a developer confirmed it was going to happen, but they had put all of their resources towards Mass Effect and Dragon Age. They had put way too much work into this IP to let it die (developing their own language?).

    Don’t forget that Dragon Age had concept work revealed but never actually was finished until about 8 years later.

  • I enjoyed this game, but found that it was too short, especially when compared to KOTOR.
    That is unless I somehow managed to miss a whole batch of side quests, but I normally spend more time on those then I do the actual main quest.
    Mmm I saw this at Game Traders the other day, might consider picking it up for another round of martial arts goodness.

  • I actually put the effort into finishing that game twice (good/evil playthroughs). Considering I do that virtually never, it speaks volumes as to how much I loved that game.

    Though it’s not their fault, I’d like to blame EA anyway.

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