Free Crysis 2 Modkit Arrives In Early Summer

A modding toolkit for Crysis 2 will release in early summer, Crytek said today in an announcement. If that's not enough freedom for you, the CryENGINE SDK releases to developers in August. The Crysis 2 modkit will be free, the company's CEO said.

CryENGINE 3 is "internally, the same engine we give to our licensees, the same engine that powers Crysis 2," Cevat Yerli said. The complete version includes "C++ code access, our content exporters (including our LiveCreate real-time pipeline), shader code, game sample code from Crysis 2, script samples, new improved Flowgraph and a whole host of great asset examples, which will allow teams to build complete games from scratch for PC."

For those not looking to develop on that scale, the Crysis 2 toolkit will arrive at an unspecified date before then, "in early summer," Yerli said. "This will allow you to build new maps, items and more custom content for Crysis 2."

CryENGINE SDK will likewise be free but, of course, for those looking to commercialize their work, Crytek will have a licensing agreement to keep everything square.

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