This Week In The Business: “There's No Level Of Polish.”

What's happened in the business of video games this past week...

QUOTE | "There's no level of polish." - Former Apple games guru Graeme Devine on the biggest problem with iPhone games.

QUOTE | "Incompetent" - Infamous hacking group Anonymous, denying responsibility for the massive PSN outage.

STAT | 533% - The amount that 3D Blu-ray spending is expected to rise this year.

QUOTE | "[They]can recapture dominant hardware share if the Wii 2 is sufficiently powerful." - Analyst Michael Pachter's thinking on Nintendo's chances against Sony and Microsoft.

TWIST | Fable III for PC on Windows AND Steam – does a budding relationship with Valve hint at future Steam support on Xbox 360?

STAT | 34% - The amount of the portable games market that iOS and Android captured in 2010 as Nintendo DS declined.

QUOTE | "If there's anything that's killing us [in the traditional games business]it's dollar apps." - Epic President Mike Capps lamenting the state of games publishing.

QUOTE | "Putting their stake in the ground" - Analyst explains why EA is airing Battlefield 3 ads on television 6-7 months before launch.

QUOTE | "That would be crazy cool." - Former Apple games guru's reaction to the rumour that the company will launch Apple TV as a new games console.

This Week In Business courtesy of Photo: Tony Wear, Shutterstock.


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