Video Games Say The Darnedest Things

While the video games of today are (usually) professional enough to hire proper writers to handle localisation and translation duties, it wasn't always that way.

Take the 1980s and early 1990s, for example. Lots of games turned up in the West from Japan. And some of them got a little...lost in translation. You may have seen this pic floating around a few years ago, but since most of you haven't have at it.

Those wanting some kind of "identify the game" challenge shouldn't be too pushed picking all (or at least most) of them. Not sure why Monkey Island is in there, though. Lines that good aren't made by accident.

[via oracrest @ NeoGAF, Gameovr]


    Funny that some of the games are from the US. Mortal Kombat anyone?

      I'm also pretty sure the talking chicken is from battletoads, also a non translated game as far as i remember.

        Yeah it was made by Rare ffs! Aero Fighters is a treasure trove for this kind of shit.

    Considering many of those were grammatically fine, I worry more and more for Plunkett's grasp of the English language.

    And there's one line in that whole thing that'll never get old. "YOU SPOONY BARD!" FFIV at its finest

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